Millions of years before the beginning of the Dragonball world, there were four Kaioshins, North, South, East, and West. Each had a responsibility to uphold the peace in their respective section of the universe. They were peaceful gods with a kind (and fat) oversee-er, the Dai Kaioshin.

The universe was peacful until an evil magician, named Bibidi created his ultimate monster, Majin Buu. Along with his monster, he destroyed planet after planet, proving his Buu to be completely unbeatable. One peaceful day, Bibidi appeared and wrecked havoc on the five Kaioshins. West Kaioshin was the first to die, followed by North. South Kaioshin, the strongest besides Dai Kaioshin, put up a good fight, but was no match for Buu. He was abosorbed into the mosnter and made his power level increase significantly.

East Kaioshin was Buu's next target. He was inches from death until Dai Kaioshin intervened and attempted to kill Buu. The powerful monster was too strong for the god though, and soon he too was absorbed into the belly of the beast. An unlikely change took place however. Instead of becoming more powerful, Buu became fat and more jovial; traits given to him courtesy of the absorbed Dai Kaioshin. Bibidi was overjoyed because Buu was now able to be controlled, unlike his rebellious self before. The two wisked away, leaving East Kaioshin bruised, hurt, and desperate for revenge.

Kaioshin tracked down Bibidi and killed him. He thought that the ball containing a sealed up Buu would be safely hidden on Earth, for no one but Bibidi knew the charm to free him. Needless to say, he was wrong and so starts the Buu saga....

Higashi no Kaioshin (Supreme Kai in the dub).

Kaioshin (In the dub, "Supreme Kai" is not a race but a title. He's just a "Kai" who managed to pull himself up along the heiarchy foodchain)

Power Level:
*I don't like numeric value power levels* Kaioshin has great intelligence and over all power level, but seems to lack in skill when compared to others such as Goku, Vegeta, and Buu.

Truly unknown, but he's was around long before "humanity could stand on its own two feet" (quote courtesy of Japanese episode 279).

Physical Traits:
Extremely short (probably around 5 foot) with purple skin and a white mo-hawk. Hardly intimidating as far as looks go.

He's a god so there is an underlying sense of arrogance to him (at least I think so). He's good natured with a pure heart (again a god..) but has a plan that he set up himself of *exactly* the way things should be and detests when his plans go astray. He's very hard on himself emotionally and feels guilt for eveyrthing that goes wrong. A radical thinker as far as protocol goes and passifist to the maximum. He'll do anything to avoid confrontation and be home on his planet in time for the moon rise.

In short, a good god for the most part but needs to keep an equal check on everything in the universe. He seems to concetrate on only those matters which *he* thinks are of great concern and ignore the small details; it's these little matters though that end up biting him in the butt in the end.

Show Background

Kaioshin, AKA "Supreme Kai" appears to Goku and the Others during the World Martial Arts Tournament. Despite his un-intimidating appearance, he rises the suspicion of Piccolo and even freezes the poor guy in his tracks during their match. He's considered a sketchy character until it's revealed that he is the Supreme Kai and has only good intentions for the people of Earth.

Along with his assistant Kibito, he informs the others that a terrbile force, Majin Buu, is about to be released from his captive ball by his creator's son, Babidi ("It can do magic believe it or not! Bibidi, Babidi, Buu." ~Cinderalla lyrics) Kaioshin has this master plan of his that once in place, will prevent Buu from being released and ever wrecking chaos on the Earth. Unfortunately, many events went against fate, and Kaioshin was un-able to convince any of the Saiyans that Buu would be the most terrible force they would ever encouter. Buu was then released thanks to the efforts of Vegeta, Dabura, and Babidi. (I'm skipping alot of parts here).

Buu is free and does his worst to the Z fighters (Goku and Gohan are unconscious and Vegeta is dead) and Kaioshin (who is a breath away from death). However, Bulma and the others use the Dragonballs to bring everyone (who is good hearted) back from the dead; these would be the people that Vegeta and Dabura killed. Kibito is ressurected and heals the ailing Kaioshin. After this reunion, Gohan is taken to Kaioshin's homeworld where he frees the Zet Sword (dubbed Z Sword). Out of the broken shards of the sword from an unfortunate accident, Rou Kaioshin (Elder/ Old Kai) is released. From him, Gohan is given the most incredible power up and Goku gets his life back when his son's powers are just not enough to stop Buu.

From here, Supreme Kai becomes a different character. In order to help Goku, he is instructed to use his Potara earrings and fuses with Kibito.

MANY names...Kaiobit (KAIOshin + KiBIT), Kaioshin-sama, and Rou Kaioshin even calls him Kibito one time in GT. "Kibito Kai" in the English dub ("KIBITO" + Supreme "KAI").
1/2 Kaioshin, 1/2 whatever Kibito is. In the dub, he's still a Kai.
Power Level:
VERY, VERY strong but still not strong enough to fight against Evil Buu. Against Fat Buu he might stand more than a chance and possibly even defeat him.
Still the same old god.
Physical Traits:
Significantly taller, I would say at least 6 foot if not a few inches taller. He's much more muscular and bulky courtesy of Kibito's donation to the fusion, and snagged the guys' hair as well. His face and skin color remain the same though, as well as his voice (in the Japanese version anyway.) In the English his voice is slightly different. The fusion is permanent and remains throughout DBGT.
*I haven't seen the English version yet so I'm referring to solely the Japanese version* Basically he's still the same Kaioshin inside but he gains a few quirks about him that are worth noting. For the most part, he continues to allow himself to be bullied by Rou Kaioshin even though he's so much bigger and stronger. Rou Kaioshin believes him to be an idiot and often critizes his comments or opinions on Goku and the various fights. They maintain somewhat of a relationship even though Rou Kaioshin deems him *much* to uptight about everything and needs to calm down now and then. Whatever happens, happens.

Sticking with the above theme, he's very nervous and anxious all of the time. Where as Rou Kaioshin will listen to music, drink coffee, fish or watch TV, Kaiobit (I prefer this name) CONSTANTLY has his face plastered to his crystal ball, engrossed in all matters pertaining to Earth. Rou Kaioshin tells Kaiobit "he knows he's a good man but he needs to learn how to relax and find a real solution to his problem." Freaking out does nothing.

In short, Kaiobit is still the same as Kaioshin but a touch..."quirkier" than the original. You'll have to see him act to know what I mean.

Show Background

Kaiobit has inherited from Kibito the ability to transport anywhere in the universe that is lower than his planet; a "technique called Kai-kai." He becomes the hero when Buu (free of Fat Buu do to Vegeta and Goku) destroys the Earth and Goku is unable to transport quickly enough to save himself and the others. Kaiobit shows up just in time and stretches out to Goku and grabs his hand. Using Kai-kai, Goku, Vegeta, Dende, Mr. Satan and Bee the dog, are all rescued from the exploding planet and brought back to the Kaioshin planet.

Rou Kaioshin gets the idea that Goku and Vegeta should fight Buu on Kaioshin-kai (the Kaioshin planet). The planet is so sacred, old, and strong that not even Buu could destroy it if he tried. Rou also suggests that Kaiobit give up his shiny Potara earrings to Goku and Vegeta so they can fuse again. Goku declines and Vegeta crushes the earring, both refusing to fuse ever again. Kaiobit never does score another pair of Potaras and his ears are nekkid for the rest of the series *sniff*.

By request of Goku, Kaiobit takes everyone but Mr. Satan and Bee with him to another planet, far from the danger of Buu and his fight with Goku and Vegeta. The three gods (Kaiobit, Rou Kaioshin, and Dende) watch with concern, the battle of Buu vs. Goku and Vegeta. A while goes by and a determined Kaiobit stands up and announces that he doesn't care if he dies and can only hold off Buu for one minute; he's going back to fight Buu and help Goku. Dende soon follows suit, much to Kaiobit's delight. Rou Kaioshin though knows that both of them are far to weak to be of any real help and they are more useful right where thay are. Both decide to stay. <

After a short stay on planet unkown, Vegeta tells Kaiobit to take everyone to Planet Namek where they will collect the Dragonballs. Kaiobit does as he's told and soon himself, Rou Kaioshin, and Dende, as well as all of the nameks are on their way to three granted wishes.

And the rest is Dragonball Z history. Three wishes are made and the world is saved. Kaiobit teleports everyone back to Earth and each give him a thumbs up or a wave. None of the Kaioshin's are seen again for the rest of Dragaonball Z.

Kaiobit actually makes a few appearances in Dragonball GT. His first is when he saves Goku from Bebi Vegeta and takes him back to Kaioshin-kai where he and Rou do the painful task of ripping Goku's tail out. Very funny episodes. His most known assistance however, is when he goes to the Tenkai and steals (yes, *steals*) the Chou-sui(Super Holy) water and cures Trunks, Goten, and evetually everyone from Bebi's control.He also helps Goku transport everyone on Earth when it's about to explode. It's also he and Rou Kaioshin who warn everyone about the Evil Dragons out of the Dragonballs.

After these encounters, Kaiobit remains as a helpless by-stander. A spectator behind the eyes of his crystal ball. He always wishes he were strong enough to truly make a difference but alas, its just not in the cards.

In conclusion, Kaioshin truly made a difference in the world of Dragonball and his dedication to helping everyone is always admirable. His only reward though, is nothing at all. I think that's why we all love him.

Biography by ~**Ayame**~