Secrets and Lies Chapter 3


By: Lady Kreliana


When Gohan and Videl arrived at Master Roshi’s, Pan and Shin still hadn’t arrived.  Videl figured that the two would be a few minutes late, to ensure that everyone would be there when they reveal their relationship.  

                “Look!  It’s Gohan and Videl!” Puar shouted.  Vegeta, who was walking past her, was covering his ear in pain.

                “Damn you, cat!  Can’t you keep that annoying high-pitched voice of yours silent for one evening?  We saiyans have sensitive hearing, you know.”  Puar cowered behind Yamcha as Vegeta rubbed his throbbing ear.  Bulma came out of the kitchen to smack Vegeta upside the head.

                “Be nice to her, Vegeta!”  She turned to see Gohan and Videl, “Hi guys, it’s great that you could make it.”  She took a bite of a bread stick and went back into the kitchen, dragging a rather grumpy Vegeta with her.

            Gohan was thrilled to see his old friends again.  Everyone was there, even Tien and Chaozu.  Getting out and having fun with his friends was exactly what he needed.  For a few brief moments, he relaxed and didn’t worry about Pan.  He thought of himself for a change and caught up on old times with his friends.  Though his time of peace was brief, it was sweet.

Some time into the party, Pan arrived with the Supreme Kai.  Please keep to your promise, Gohan, Videl thought.  She came through the door alone.  Videl looked at her as if to ask her where Shin was.  

                “Panny!” Marron yelled as she rushed to greet her friend.

                “You haven’t changed a bit,” Krillin added.  Pan giggled a little.

                “I have in one way at least.”

                “Oh?  How’s that?”

                “I have a boyfriend.”  Everyone was now interested.  Bulma ran out of the kitchen.

                “Did I hear that someone has a boyfriend?”  She asked, frantically looking around to see who it was.  Pan giggled a little more.

                “Yes, Bulma, I have a boyfriend, and I’d like for you guys to meet him.”

                “Oh, I love good gossip!”  Bulma sat on the edge of the couch, next to Bra.

                “Believe me, Mom,” she said, “You’ll LOVE this.”  Everyone, except Gohan, waited in anticipation as Pan stepped outside for a moment to tell Shin to come in.  When she did, everyone crowded around Gohan, Videl, and Bra, asking them who the boyfriend was.  As they were getting bogged down with questions, Pan and Shin walked inside, unbeknownst to everyone.  The two laughed as they saw a dozen adults crowd like teenagers around the couch, demanding to know the latest news.

                “Everyone!  EVERYONE!” She shouted.  All heads were turned toward her, then to Shin.  Their eyes widened with shock.  This was certainly the last person they expected to see.  Pan walked to Shin and put her arm around his shoulders.

                “Everyone, I’d like you to meet my boyfriend, the Supreme Kai.”  Everyone was speechless.  Nobody knew what to say.  All they did was stare at the two with blank expressions.  Shin looked at the group for a moment nervously.  This was harder than he thought.  He’d never had a group of people stare at him like this before.  Sure, people had stared at him before, but it was usually with awe or fear, not shock.

                “It’s, umm, nice to meet all of you again.”  His attempt to make polite conversation almost failed until an, “Uh huh,” was said in unison.  Trunks looked at the couple and smirked, Goten was simply bewildered.  Marron, on the other hand, was overjoyed for her friend.

                “Wow Pan!” she said, walking back to her friend “This is awesome!  And I thought I was important because I’m dating the president of Capsule Corp.” Marron turned to wink at Trunks, who winked back at her.  Master Roshi left the room for a moment, and returned with a keg of beer.

                “I think now’s a good time for this, heh heh heeeh!”  The crowd immediately flocked around the keg.  Pan and Shin looked at each other for a moment.

                “Well,” she sighed, “We seem to be a bigger shock to everyone than I expected.”  Shin nodded.  Bra walked toward them with three cups of beer.

                “Are you really gonna drink all that, Bra?” Pan asked sarcastically.

                “No, stupid, these two,” she handed a cup to Pan and another to Shin, “are for you guys.”  Shin took a sip of his and cringed.

                “I still don’t understand how you mortals can enjoy this.”  The girls laughed and drank some from their own cups.  Pan started to get a little nervous, when she saw her father walk toward her.

                “Uhh, hi Dad.”

                “Hi, Pan.” He looked away for a moment and sighed, “I’m glad you’re here.  Lets have a good time tonight, ok?”

                “Of course, Dad!”  She gave him a big smile.

“It’s good to see you, Supreme Kai,” he muttered.

“You too, Gohan.” Shin gave him a slight smile.  Gohan nodded, and started walking away.

                “OK, VIDEL, I SAID IT!”  He shouted.  Videl buried her face in her hands.

                “So much for peace talks.”


                Within a few hours, several kegs had been emptied, causing everyone to feel more ‘relaxed,’ and, in some cases, less intelligent than normal.  Goten, Trunks, and Marron had been inspecting Pan and Shin while draining their own keg of its contents.

                “Look at them,” Trunks half slurred, “They’ve been sitting like that all night.  Why doesn’t he make a move on her or something?”  They looked at the two sitting on the couch.  It was true, they had been sitting there for most of the evening, talking about various things, and making conversation to whomever would care to join them.  Goten walked to Trunks and rested an arm on his shoulder.

                “Hey, that’s my niece you’re talking about.  But, you’re right.  What kind of couple just sits around like that?  They haven’t held hands or kissed or anything.”

                “Maybe Pan’s making you jealous, Trunks,” Marron added with a loud giggle.

                “Could be,” he laughed, “I mean, who wouldn’t want me?”  His joke was ruined when Goten raised his hand.  The other two laughed.

                “Well, if you guys are so damn convinced that my niece, over there, is trying to seduce Trunks, why don’t we ask her?”  Goten motioned for them to follow him.  The three couldn’t stop laughing as they made their way to the couch.

                “I smell trouble,” Pan said, waving her hand in front of her face.  Goten sat beside her, brandishing a drunken smile.

“And there it is,” she groaned.  Trunks went to sit on her other side, and almost landed on Shin.  Instead of apologizing, he laughed and told him to watch out next time.  Marron sat on the armrest.   Pan knew something was up, and she didn’t want to get Shin involved.  She had to think of a way to quickly get him away from her three drunken friends.

                “Umm, Shin,” she looked at her empty beer cup, “would you throw this away for me?”  He took her cup and went to find a trash can, leaving her with the three.

                “Panny, Panny, Panny,” Goten laughed, putting his arm around her shoulder, “We gotta question for ya!”  Pan tensed, she knew this would get ugly.  Goten and Trunks changed when they got drunk, and not in a good way.  Trunks leaned closer to her, almost to the point where he was in her face.

                “Well, we wanna know if you two are for real or not,” Trunks laughed before he continued his insults to Pan, “I mean, come on, you two just sit on the couch and don’t do anything?  If I were the Supreme Kai, I’d have my hands all over you,” Trunks tried to tickle Pan a little, but she quickly removed his hands from her.

                “Not all guys are like you, Trunks.”  Pan folded her arms on her chest, slightly embarrassed.  However, Trunks wasn’t finished yet.

                “We all know this must be an attempt to get revenge on me for what happened a few years ago,” the three started laughing, “Who knew you’d go so far as to get the Supreme Kai!  Wow, I didn’t know you had it in ya, Panny!”  

“You guys don’t mean this.  I know you don’t.”

“Aww, come on, everyone knows how you feel about me, Panny.”

“Your drunk, I know you don’t mean this.”  The three just stared at each other for a moment, not making heads or tales of anything.

                “So, does this mean you two are a serious couple?” Marron asked.

                “Yes, Marron.  We are.”  The three looked at each other, then at Pan, and burst out laughing again.

                “Oh man, Pan,” Trunks stammered, “That’s worse.  Nobody knew you were that desperate.”  Pan’s rage grew, as did her humiliation.  She didn’t want to stay in the house any longer and listen to her friends badmouth her relationship, so she ran outside onto the beach.  She knew that they didn’t mean what they were saying.  Had they not been drinking, they would never have said those things.  Yet, it still hurt.  It still hurt to listen to her friends call her desperate, even if it was just a joke made in an ill frame of mind.  She sat with her legs to her chest.  This was the second time Trunks had caused her some form of humiliation.

                Back inside, Gohan and the Supreme Kai noticed Pan running outside.  Shin went to check on her, Gohan went to see what Goten and the others did to her.

                “Goten, what the hell did you do to her?”  He demanded.  Goten was too busy laughing, so Trunks sat up and responded instead.

                “Don’t be angry, Gohan, we just asked her whether or not she was just trying to make me jealous with this whole Supreme Kai thing.”  Gohan was stunned at how utterly stupid the three were acting.  Goten finally got done with his laughing and added his piece to the conversation.

                “Man she must be desperate,” he chuckled.  Gohan was about to hit him, when Videl stopped him.

                “Calm down, Gohan!”  She ushered him to a seat where Krillin and 18 were.  Trunks looked at Goten and they started laughing.

                “Dammit, Videl, this is the second time he’s humiliated her,” Gohan muttered, causing Krillin looked up for a moment.

                “Huh?”  18 looked at him and shook her head.

                “Please excuse my husband, he doesn’t get out much.”

                “Aww, come on, honey,” he laughed.

                “You see, Krillin, a few years ago…”

                “Stop,” Gohan interrupted, “I’ll tell this.”       


Two years ago, Pan was dating Trunks.  Videl and I weren’t too fond of the whole thing.  We both knew what kind of person he was like, but Pan insisted he was different.  She insisted that he actually cared about her, and that he wasn’t after getting her in bed.  After they’d been dating for about six months, Videl and I started to trust him.  We figured he wouldn’t have stuck around that long if he had one object on his mind.  It was then that we knew Trunks sincerely cared for Pan.  They were happy with each other for a long time.  I was happy for her.  I thought she’d found whom she wanted to spend the rest of her life with.

One morning, everything changed.  Videl went to the supermarket, because we’d ran out of milk, when she saw some sleazy tabloid magazine with Trunks and Pan on the cover.  It said, “President of Capsule Corp. and Granddaughter of Hercule found Indecently Exposed, Details inside.”  Everyone was reading that paper.  Once people noticed Videl, they started asking her all sorts of questions.  She paid for the milk, bought a copy of the paper, and got home as quickly as she could.  Pan and I were still in bed when she came home.

“Gohan, wake up,” she said while shaking me.  I groggily looked up at her.

“Videl, it’s early.”  I put my head back on my pillow.  She put the tabloid in my face.  Seeing a picture of my daughter in bed with someone is now my least ideal method of waking up in the morning.  I took the paper from her, looked at it for a moment, and through it on the bed.  The image was too awful, too disgusting to look at.

“Should we wake Pan up about this?” she asked.

“No.  By the end of the day, she’ll be dealing with this more than she’ll want to.  Lets let her rest for a while.” We went downstairs and ate our breakfast.  As we were finishing, Pan came into the kitchen with a bright smile on her face.

“Morning, Mom.  Morning, Dad.  What’s for breakfast?”  She sat in a chair across from me.  I sat there expressionless, and slid the paper to her.  She picked it up, thinking it was another ordinary paper, but when she realized it was her on the cover of that thing, she started to panic a little.  I could tell what she was feeling by the looks on her face: Fear, shame, disgust, anger, humiliation, wondering why this had been done to her.  Videl and I didn’t say anything.  We didn’t know what to say.  Pan abruptly headed for the door.  I stopped her, asking where she was going.

“I gotta talk about this with Trunks.”  Before I could protest, she was heading for Capsule Corp.  I didn’t follow her; I knew it was her battle that she had to face alone.  Instead, I waited for her at home with Videl.

“I feel so bad for her, Gohan,” she said.

“So do I,” I felt like a failure as a father at that moment.  I failed to protect my daughter from this terrible disgrace.  

About an hour later, Pan returned home…in tears.  She ran upstairs and shut herself in her room.  I instantly knew what happened.  I went up the stairs after her, despite Videl’s warnings that I shouldn’t and knocked on Pan’s door.

“Panny, are you ok?”  I realize now it was the worst question to have asked.

“ GO AWAY!” she shouted.  Not wanting to put her through any more humiliation by barging into her room and forcing it out of her, I went back into the living room with Videl.

Pan stayed in her room all day, not coming out once.  Later that day, Videl and I ordered some take out for dinner, and I volunteered to tell Pan we had dinner for her.  I went upstairs and knocked on Pan’s door.  I opened it slowly and saw her on her bed, curled up and still crying.  I sat next to her on her bed.

“Panny, we have some dinner downstairs.”  She looked at me for a moment, sat up and burst into tears.

“He broke up with me, Daddy.”  It had been years since she called me ‘daddy.’  I knew from that alone that she was in a lot of pain. I held her and let her explain what happened.

“I went to see him today, you know, and when we went inside, he broke up with me.  He kept telling me that he didn’t want me to have to go through all this because of him, and about how I didn’t deserve this, that this was what was best for the both of us.  I told him I’d go through Hell and back for him, but he just didn’t seem to care.  I gave myself to him and he doesn’t seem to know what that meant to me.”  The rest of her words blurred with sobs.  I wanted nothing more than to take that pain from her.  I hate Trunks Briefs for what he did to my daughter.  I held her for the rest of that evening, and let her cry on my shoulder.  I never want to have to hold her for that reason again.  I never want to see her in that kind of agony again.  He broke her heart, and I’ll be damned if that ever happens to her again.


                Krillin sat silent for a moment.  He had no idea that something so horrible had happened to Pan.

                “I can’t believe that actually happened.  Damn, I feel really bad for her now,” Krillin looked down for a moment, and took a sip of beer.

                “Don’t make a big deal out of it, ok Krillin?  She got over it a long time ago, but it still hurts her,” Gohan got out of his seat, “I’ll be right back, nature calls.”  As he walked away, Videl stopped him for a moment.

                “So, that’s why you’re so against this new relationship Pan has.  It has little to do with her lying to us, and even less to do with his race.”  Gohan turned his back to her and kept on walking.

                “I don’t think so Videl.”  He chuckled a little as he kept going to the bathroom.  As he did, he thought about what she said.  You know, Videl, maybe you’re right…he thought.

                Back outside, Shin noticed Pan sitting on the beach and snuck behind her.  He wrapped his arms around her neck, startling her a little.  She looked back to see who it was, and smiled when she saw him.  Slowly, she rested her head on his chest.

                “What a night,” she groaned.

                “It has been difficult for you.”

                “Yeah.  They’re such jerks when they’re drunk like that.  They aren’t like that normally.”

                “I know.  You don’t have to defend them, Pan.”

                “I…I’m not,” she shifted her position slightly, “I’m so glad you’re in my life now.  For a while I thought I’d never get over Trunks.”  

                “But you did,” he whispered.  She nodded.

                “And I moved on.  I realized he wasn’t the only one who could mean something to me.  Looking back, I realize he kinda hindered me in a way.  I wasn’t myself, I was always ‘Trunks’ girlfriend.’  Now, I feel like I’m so much more.”

                “And you are.” He kissed her on the cheek.  She smiled and sighed deeply.

                “Something else bothering you?”  He asked.

                “Not really, I was just wondering…”


                “What was your life like before I came into it?”  Shin was taken off guard.  He wasn’t expecting her to ask that.  He stuttered for a moment, until Bulma came stumbling out of the Kame house.

                “There you two are!” she slurred.  She walked toward them and plopped beside them.

                “Heh heh, that reminds me of a story,” she giggled.  The two didn’t have a clue as to what she was talking about.  They both gave her confused looks.

                “Yeah, the way you’re sitting, it reminds me of a story,” the two took note to Pan resting her head in Shin’s chest.  Bulma continued, “Although it was Goku’s head in my lap.” They now had looks of horror on their faces; “I was asleep with my legs half straddled, and Goku decided to use my lap as a pillow like he did with his Grandpa Gohan.  Well, he realized I didn’t have a…you know, and took my panties off to see why,” Bulma burst out laughing, “He started screaming ‘NO BALLS! NO BALLS!’  It was great!”  Pan was speechless, as was Shin.  Bulma got up and started to go back inside.  She quickly turned around when she realized she forgot to tell the rest of the story.

                “Oh!  It gets better.  The next day we went to see the old pervert Roshi to get his Dragonball.  Well, he’d only give it to us if I showed him my belly button.  Heheheh, not only did I show him my belly button, but everything else that was private to me at the time.”  Bulma laughed loudly as she went back inside.  

                “Well, that was interesting.” Pan said while sitting up.

                “Indeed it was,” Shin chuckled a little, “But…I think it’s more interesting hearing it from Bulma than it was your grandfather.”  


                “Yes,” he nodded, “I think he’s told every one of the Kais about that story.”  Pan started laughing.

                “Oh man!  Bulma’s gonna freak when she finds that out!”

                “That’s certainly a story that won’t be lived down, even in death.”  The two laughed evilly.  In the background, they could hear a song, “The Dolphin’s Cry,” play.  


The way you're bathed in light
reminds me of that night
God laid me down into your rose garden of trust
and I was swept away
with nothin' left to say
some helpless fool
yeah I was lost in a swoon of peace.


Shin stood up and extended his hand, which Pan graciously accepted.  He elevated himself off the ground slightly, so that he and Pan would be eye to eye and the two embraced for a slow dance.


You're all I need to find
so when the time is right
come to me sweetly, come to me
come to me

Love will lead us, all right
love will lead us, she will lead us
can you hear the dolphin's cry?


                The song’s beat picked up, but they did not.  This was their moment, and nothing would disturb it.  Its intimacy only grew when Pan rested her head on his shoulder.


You're all I need to find
so when the time is right
come to me sweetly, come to me
come to me

Love will lead us, all right
love will lead us, she will lead us
can you hear the dolphin's cry?


            A gentle breeze flowed around the couple, seeming to embrace them as tightly, yet gently, as they were each other.  Shin looked at the woman in his arms and pulled her closer to him, protectively, lovingly, never wanting to let her go.


This crazy fog surrounds me
you wrap your legs around me
all I can do to try and breathe
let me breathe so that I
so we can go together!

Love will lead us, all right
love will lead us, she will lead us
can you hear the dolphin's cry?


                Pan smiled contently, as she felt his arms tighten around her.  At that moment, everything seemed to become clear to her.  She was his and he was hers.  They were each others, now and forever.  They could see each other’s minds, hearts, and souls more clearly than ever before.


See the road rise up to meet us,
it's in the air we breathe tonight
love will lead us, she will lead us.


            Pan lifted her head off his shoulder, wanting to look into his eyes for the rest of the song.


Life is like a shooting star
it don't matter who you are
if you only run for cover, it's just a waste of time
we are lost 'til we are found
this phoenix rises up from the ground
and all these wars are over



            As the song started coming to its close, the two leaned in for a kiss, thinking nobody was watching.  


singin' la da da, da da da
come to me
singin' la da da da, da da da
come to me


                The song ended, but they didn’t care, they were too fixated on each other…as were every woman in the Kame house. They stood in a nearby window watching them, swooning as if it were a romance film.

                “This is better than Titanic!” Bra whispered, dreamily.  Marron nodded.  When she realized they were being watched, Pan broke their kiss and waved at their audience.  Most of the viewers left slightly embarrassed, Marron and Bra gave the two a thumbs up before they went back to the party.  Shin couldn’t help but laugh.  Pan started walking back inside, but stopped when she realized he wasn’t behind her.

                “Aren’t you going back inside?”


                “Huh?  Lonely?”

                “You asked me what my life was like before you came into it.  It was very lonely.”

                “But…what about Kibito?  He’s always been with you.”

                “True, but I’ve never had a…companion before.”  This made Pan smile.  She was happy that he considered her to be something more than just a “fling with a mortal.”  They stood there for a short while, until Bra appeared in the door and beckoned them to come inside.

                 Gohan watched the two as they came back inside.  She looks so happy, he thought.  He kept looking at them, and smiled.  Videl sat next to him, and handed him a cup of coffee.

                “Here, I think we’ll be needing this,” she moaned, taking a sip from her own cup.

                “Thanks.”  He sipped his coffee and continued to stare happily at his daughter.    Videl raised an eyebrow, suspiciously.

                “Did I miss something?”

                “I’ve,” Gohan frowned a little, “been a fool these past few weeks.”  She nodded.

                “Yes, you have.”

                “I’m sorry, Videl, but I’m going home.  You stay and have a good time.”  He then kissed his wife, and started to leave.  Pan stopped him on his way out.

                “Dad, where are you going?”

                “I’m going home.  You two have a good time, and don’t stay out too late.”

                “Ok, Dad.  By the way, I’ll be staying at Bra’s tonight.”

                “That’s fine.  I’ll see you tomorrow.”  Without another word, Gohan flew home.

                The rest of the party went well.  Everyone had as much fun as they could have in one night, and most were sad to see the night end.  As Pan went with Bra and her family to their home, the Supreme Kai started his journey back to his planet, Kaioshinkai.  Inside his mansion, Kibito was waiting for him.

                “Welcome home, Master.”

                “Thank you, Kibito,” he replied cheerfully.

                “I take it that the party was fun.”

                “Yes, it was.”  Kibito was silent for a moment.

                “Master, you know I don’t approve of this.  You mustn’t forsake your duties as Supreme Kai.”

                “Must we go through this again?”  Shin sat in a nearby chair, and Kibito folded his arms.

                “You know I don’t approve of this, Supreme Kai.”

                “I know.”

                “And you don’t care.”  Shin looked at him coldly.

                “No, I don’t.”

                “The fate of the universe is more important than personal needs,” Kibito walked toward a window, gazing at the lush landscapes surrounding the mansion, “Meddling in the affairs of mortals will do you no good.”  Shin got out of his chair, and walked toward Kibito.

                “You know how I feel about her.  Can I have no happiness?  Am I to live here as an emotionless prisoner to my position?”  Kibito shook his head.             

                “Emotionless? No.  Prisoner of position?  It is your destiny as Supreme Kai,” he turned to face his master, “It is not your relationship that I object to, it is what it’s keeping you from that I object to.  The universe needs its Supreme Kai more than you need a relationship.”  Shin became visibly angry at Kibito’s callous remark.

                “I’ll not take advice from one who’s never loved,” he started to exit the room, “Good night, Kibito.”  The door slammed shut behind him, leaving Kibito to his thoughts.  He sat in a chair and slumped his head into his hand.  

                Master, the universe needs you.  Why can’t you see that?  What if a new evil force threatens everything?  If you are gone, who will be there to stop it?  Kibito decided that worrying wasn’t the answer.  He would deal with his master at a later time.

                Back on earth, Videl had gotten home from the party.  She walked inside the house, which had no lights on save for one small light coming from her kitchen.  She walked inside the kitchen and saw Gohan sitting at the table, looking at a photo album under the light of a candle.  Upon further inspection, she found out it was an album of Pan’s childhood.  Gohan motioned for her to sit beside him, and pointed at a picture.

                “You remember this one, Videl?  This is when we gave her flying lessons,” as he turned the page, he let out a quiet sigh, “It seems like yesterday.”  Videl rested her head on her hands.

            “It sure does.”  Gohan looked at a few more pages with a melancholy look on his face.

            “All I could think about these past few weeks was Pan being hurt like she was before.  I was scared it would happen again,” he paused for a moment to take a drink out of a glass next to him, “How could I let it blind me that much, Videl?”

            “I don’t know, Gohan.  I just don’t know.  Maybe all that anger that you had pent up from the Trunks thing came out.”

            “Maybe…but that doesn’t excuse my behavior.  I’ve been a complete and total jerk to the two of them.  Starting tomorrow, I’ve got a lot of apologizing to do.”

            “Thank God you’ve come to your senses, Gohan.”

            “It’s taken me a while to realize that the Supreme Kai isn’t and never will be Trunks.”

            “I think he’ll treat her right.  I don’t think we have anything to worry about.”

            “I just want her to be happy, and I know she is.  It’s just that it’s also taken me a while to accept the fact that,” Gohan blew the candle out, trying in vain to hide the tear he’d just shed from Videl, “my baby’s grown up.”  She saw the tear and wrapped her arms around him.  The two sat like that for a while, thinking about their daughter and the times spent with her while she was growing up.  Gohan now accepted that she didn’t need his protection anymore, only his love, guidance, and most of all, his support. 


            And it’s rumored that at that moment, a certain Saiyan in heaven smiled contently.




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