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Secrets and Lies Chapter 1


By: Lady Kreliana


                "It seems like cleaning is all I ever do around here," Videl said as she cleaned up her house.  Gohan and Pan certainly did know how to make a mess.  Between the two of them, it seemed as though her cleaning would never be done.  Just as she got done vacuuming the living room, Pan came down from her room.

                "Hey, Mom.  Cleaning again?"

                "Somebody has to keep this place in shape.  It's not like you or your father are going to clean the house.  By the way, I'm glad you're out of your room, it's next on my list."  Pan looked at Videl nervously, "Aww, don't worry about my room, Mom.  I'll clean it up later, I promise."

                "Oh, I haven't heard THAT before," Videl rolled her eyes.


                "No buts, young lady.  You should be leaving soon anyway.  Your class starts in half an hour."  Pan continued to look at her mother nervously, “All right, Mom.”

                "Panny, are you ok?"

                "Umm, yeah, I just didn't realize it was so late.  I'll probably go over to Bra's or Marron's after class, so don't expect me home right away."

                "Ok, dear.  Bye!"

                "Bye, Mom!"  As Pan left, Videl couldn't help but notice her daughter's odd behavior.  She'd been acting strangely for a while now.  Videl pondered this behavior as she came to Pan's room.  She rolled her eyes as she looked inside.  Dirty clothes were piled by the bed, empty bags of chips were scattered across the floor, soda cans were spewed everywhere, and the bed was unmade. 

                "Maybe she'll start acting like herself again once I clean up all this trash."  Videl started with the bed.  She hated a messy bed.  As she stripped the sheets, she heard something fall onto the floor.

                “What was that?”  She looked behind the bed for an answer.  Since Pan was as tidy as most people her age, finding the object was quite a task.

                “Aha,” Videl said as she came across a small blue book with a latch.  She had just discovered Pan’s diary.  Videl was ready to put the diary into a drawer, when she remembered Pan’s odd behavior.  She looked at the book again.

                “No!  Pan wouldn’t hide anything from me.  I’m her mother!  I should respect her privacy. Yes, that’s exactly what I’m going to do.”  Videl put the diary onto Pan’s desk, and took the dirty sheets to the laundry room.

                “On second thought,” Videl went back to Pan’s room; “I think I should just to prove my doubts wrong.”  Videl opened the diary to the first page and started reading.


-Today was my 20th birthday and Marron gave me this diary as a gift…-

                “No, that’s too far back,” Videl skimmed through the pages until she found something of interest.

                -I went into the mountains today to do some training, but while I was there, something happened.  Something kinda bad that turned really good.  I was taking a break from my training when I sensed a strong ki behind me.  I didn’t recognize who it was right away, so I attacked without thinking.  Unfortunately, he was MUCH stronger than me, so I got the crap beat out of me.  I think I was out in about 5 seconds.  He then took me to his house to heal up, since I was such a mess.  (I’ll refer to him as he from now on, in case Mom or Dad decide to snoop through my personal stuff.)  When I came to, the first thing I saw was him.  Once he introduced himself, I instantly knew I was in heaven.   He sat me up and asked me if I was ok.  When I told him I was fine, he smiled at me.  He has such a cute smile.  Sure, most women might not find him attractive, he is a bit short with funky hair, but those deep, dark, passionate, eyes, and that cute smile of his are what won me over.    Anyway, he helped me to my feet, and offered to take me home.  I would have been a fool to have said no!  As we flew to my house, he and I talked.  Just talked.  It was so nice to talk to a man for a change.  Sure, Dad and Uncle Goten are nice to talk to, but they always treat me like little Panny.  It was nice to finally have a conversation with someone and be considered an adult.  I am 21 after all. (Yeah, I’ve had this diary for a year now.)  When we got about a mile from my home, he left.  But before he did, he confessed that he enjoyed our little chat together and that he wanted to see me again.  I couldn’t believe it!  He wanted to see me again.  I said I’d like to see him again, so we’re going to meet tomorrow in the mountains.  I can’t wait. -

                Videl closed the journal.  She looked up for a moment, staring with a look of shock on her face.  Her daughter’s dark secret had come to light.  Pan had a boyfriend, but whom?  Videl started to get worried.  Pan was dating someone, but she didn’t know whom.  Her heart started pounding, her breathing became heavy, and the room became hot as a wave of maternal fears swept over her.  What was ‘he’ like?  Did ‘he’ treat Pan well?  Is she sleeping with this guy?  Why was Pan lying to her and Gohan?  She couldn’t do this alone.  She had to call Gohan.  She ran to the phone and quickly dialed the number for Gohan’s office.



                “Hey, Videl.  Is something wrong?”

                “Gohan, can you come home?”  Gohan was taken by surprise with Videl’s quick response. 

                “Y, Yeah, what’s wrong?  Did something happen to you or Pan?

                “No, but this does concern her.  I can’t explain over the phone, please hurry.”

                “All right, I’m on my way,” Videl hung up the phone and went back into Pan’s room.  She decided to read more of the diary to find any more clues about Pan’s mystery man.  She opened the journal to the next entry.

                -I met him in the mountains again today, and we had a great time together.  No, not like that. – Videl sighed with relief.

 –We were hungry, so we stopped by a small café for some lunch.  I had this awesome quiche, ok, I had about 3 of them (I love my Saiyan metabolism.) and he had the same.  What shocked me was that he recommended it.  I didn’t know he ate in public, let alone at cafes. 

                Today he told me a lot of his ‘partner.’  Last time I’d seen him (before yesterday) they were kinda ‘hooked together’ so to speak.  He’d told me that their breakup was extremely painful, and was a little reluctant to talk about it, so he paid the bill and we left. –

“Hooked together, did she walk in on this guy and his ex?” Videl asked herself.

-He said that after yesterday’s incident, that he’d enjoy having a proper spar with me.  I went home to change into some sparring clothes and returned to the mountains where he was waiting for me.  I was really nervous, especially since I knew what he was capable of.  Since he was being a gentleman that day, he went easy on me.  No bruises, broken bones, and especially no K.O.s this time.  In fact, he even showed me a few new moves.  I’ve never had so much fun with a guy before.  Gosh, Mom and Dad would freak if they knew I was dating a guy much older than me (or them for that matter).-

“He’s older than us?”  Now Videl was really worried.  What kind of older man would go after a 22 year old?  She was convinced this man was taking advantage of Pan’s young, inexperienced mind.  Then she heard Gohan burst into the house.

“Videl!  Where are you?” he shouted.

“I’m in Pan’s room,” she replied.  Before Videl could blink, Gohan was standing next to her.

“What’s wrong, sweetheart?” Gohan asked, confused.  Videl handed him the journal.  He looked it over; as he did, his eyes got bigger and bigger.  Once he had read as much as Videl, he looked at her, almost horrified.  Videl had tears swelling in her eyes, “Why would she do this, Gohan?” she started crying, Gohan gently held her, “I’m so scared something’s gonna happen to her.” 

Gohan started to tense, “If this bastard did anything to my little Panny…”

“Gohan, what do we do now?”

“The only thing we can do, confront her.  She’s obviously not going to tell us about this.”  Gohan let go of Videl.  She wiped the tears off of her face and nodded, “You’re right.  She said she was going to either Bra’s or Marron’s after class.  Let’s call Bra first, she’s more likely to be there.” 

Videl walked to the phone and dialed the number for the Briefs’ household.  A deep, gruff voice answered.

“What?”  It was Vegeta.  Videl didn’t like talking to Vegeta, so she threw the phone at Gohan.

“Thanks, Videl,” he then, reluctantly, picked up the phone and started talking, “Hello?”

“Who is this and what do you want?”

“It’s Gohan.  Is Pan there?”  Gohan could hear Vegeta yelling for Bra in the background.  He could barely make out their conversation.

“Yes, Daddy?”

“Kakarott’s brat wants to know if his brat is here.  Is she?”

“Nope.”  Vegeta picked up the phone and shot a loud, “No,” into the receiver.

“Thanks anyway, Vegeta.”  They hung up.  Gohan called Krillin and 18’s house next.

“Helllloooo,” Krillin cheerfully answered.

“Hey, Krillin.”

“Hey, Gohan, what’s up?”

“Has Pan been there today?”

“Here?  Sorry, bro.  Haven’t seen her at all today.”

“Dammit, thanks anyway.” Gohan hung the phone up and looked at Videl.  He shook his head, “She lied to us again, Videl.”

“Well… let’s call ChiChi.  Maybe she went there.” Before he could protest, Videl had dialed ChiChi’s number.

“Son residence.”

“ChiChi, it’s Videl. Has Pan been at your place recently?”

“Not today, why?” Videl frowned and sighed.  When Gohan saw his wife’s reaction, he did the same.  They looked at each other, dumbfounded with their daughter’s behavior.

“Videl, you there?” ChiChi yelled

 “Oh!  Sorry, ChiChi.  Pan said she was going over to Bra’s or Marron’s after class, but she’s not at either’s house, and we can’t find her anywhere…”

“WHAAAAAAAAT???? I can’t believe she lied to you two.  That’s not like her at all.”

“Yeah, I know.  If she does show up at your place, please call us.”

“Of course, Videl.  Bye-bye!”  Videl hung up the phone, and stared into space with disbelief on her face. 

“Not there either?” Gohan asked.  Videl simply nodded, “I need to sit down.  Gohan, I’m going to the living room.” 

“Ok, I’ll keep you company.”  Gohan and Videl sat on their couch.  Videl had noticed Gohan taking something out of his back pocket; a small blue book, Pan’s diary, which he began to read.

“Gohan, if you’re going to read it, read it out loud.”

“Ok, dear,” Gohan shifted his position slightly, and began reading more of Pan’s diary.

-Sorry I haven’t had much time to update you lately.  School, him, and other things have been making me so busy, I just haven’t had the time.  Today started out bad, but ended good.  First, Dad and I had an argument.  It got ugly.  I don’t even remember what we were arguing about, I just remember how angry I was, and how angry he was.  It was horrible.  I’ve never fought like this with Dad and I hope I never will again.  Mom was crying because we were so loud, so insulting, so full of anger.  I don’t remember much of what happened after we argued, I remembered leaving the house because I had a date that evening with him.  I was still fired up when I met him.  He tried to get me to talk about it, but I wasn’t in the mood.  I hated Dad at that moment.  He had gotten me so angry that I was being cold to my boyfriend.  Suddenly, I felt tears swelling into my eyes.  I tried to be strong; I didn’t want to cry in front of him.  He put his hand on my shoulder, turned me around, and held me.  I couldn’t hold the tears back any longer, and I cried.  I told him about the argument with Dad, and I cried.  He didn’t say anything at all; he just let me get all of my anger out, and all of my tears out.  When I was done, I picked my head off of his shoulder, and he, surprisingly, wiped a few of the tears off of my face.  He then held my face in his hands; he looked at me for a moment, then drew me in.  Before I knew it, he was kissing me.  For the first time, we kissed each other.  In that instant, all of my sorrows seemed to vanish.  It was so passionate, so perfect, it was what I needed.-

“That’s enough for now,” Gohan stated.  Videl nodded.  His heart sank as he tried to remember the argument Pan wrote about in her journal.  He’d never forgive himself if he did something that would make Pan rebel like this.  The two sat next to each other for a while, in an awkward silence.  Both of them wanted to talk about this, but neither had the courage to bring it up.  It was too painful, all of it.  Pan had been dating someone without their knowing, and was lying to them about it.  Why? What could be so awful about this person that she’d need to hide it?  Why was Pan treating her relationship as if it were some illicit love affair from a bad soap opera?  The silence was getting to Gohan, the more he thought of this, the less he wanted to.

“Videl, lets get out of here.”


“I wanna get my mind off of this, it’s driving me insane.”

“Well, I have some shopping I’ve gotta do.  Why don’t we go to the mall?”

“All right, that sounds like a great idea.”

Satan City Mall, the largest shopping center in the country and everyone’s favorite place to shop.  It didn’t take long to distract Videl’s mind from Pan’s behavior, once she saw all the sales she got down to business.  Videl took Gohan to the second floor of the mall to get to her favorite clothing store.

“Here, Gohan,” Videl then shoved her purse at him.  She promptly ran into the store, giddy as if it was her first time in the store.  Gohan hated carrying Videl’s purse, it was so demeaning to him.  He decided to walk around the mall for a bit, he knew it would take Videl a while to go through that store.  Suddenly, a gruff, sarcastic voice sounded from behind him.

“The purse matches your outfit wonderfully, brat.  Is this how you celebrate your ‘feminine side?’” Vegeta not only startled Gohan, but was also laughing at him.

However, Gohan’s attention was diverted by something in Vegeta’s hand, “Yours too, I see,” Gohan said while pointing to the purse in Vegeta’s hand.

“Uhh, ahem it’s Bra’s, you fool!”  Vegeta’s face turned bright red as he tried to hide the purse behind him.  He then tried to change the conversation, “So, you here with your brat too?”

“No,” Gohan replied, “I’m here with Videl.  As a matter of fact, I don’t know where Pan is, or what she’s doing.  Apparently she has some mystery boyfriend.”

“Boyfriend?”  Vegeta started to stiffen, “She has a boyfriend and hasn’t told you?”

“Yeah, Videl and I dunno what to do about it either.”  All of a sudden, Bra spoke up from within the store.
                “DA~DDY!!! COME HE~RE!!!”  Vegeta rolled his eyes and walked toward his daughter.  He gave her purse to her, and then went to resume his conversation with Gohan.

“So, Gohan, do have any idea as to who this ‘mystery boyfriend’ is?”  Gohan was a little shocked at Vegeta’s question.  It was a rare occasion that Vegeta ever cared about something other than training.  Maybe he was just being polite, or making conversation, it didn’t really matter to Gohan.  He thought it was nice that Vegeta was being somewhat social.

“No, Vegeta.  She did give a description in her journal though.”

“One of Kakarott’s spawns invading his own daughter’s privacy.  I didn’t think you were that low,” Vegeta laughed.

“Very funny, Vegeta, but this is serious.”

“Maybe you should let the girl be.”

“How can you say that?  What if this were Bra?”  Vegeta looked away for a moment.  He knew Gohan had got him. 

“Pan is my only child,” Gohan continued, “and I’m worried that she’s doing something that could hurt her.  I don’t like the thought of her dating an older man, I’m worried he’s manipulating her.”

“I think Pan is intelligent enough to see through something like that.”

“Lets hope you’re right,” Gohan sighed, and looked at his watch, “It’s almost 3:00 pm.  I think I’ll grab Videl and head to the food court.  Why don’t you and Bra join us?”  Suddenly Bra burst out of the store with tons of shopping bags, “Yeah, Gohan!  We’d love to join you.” 

“Bra…”Vegeta muttered.

“Oh come on, Dad, pleeeeeeeeease,” Bra gave him her sad, puppy dog eyes that made Vegeta melt every time.

“Oh all right,” he said. Squealing with joy, Bra went to find Videl.   Vegeta and Gohan made their way to the food court.  It was, as usual, swamped with hungry shoppers.

“Why don’t you go find a seat, Vegeta, and I’ll order some food,” Gohan suggested.  Vegeta agreed, looked around for a moment, and found no available tables.  So, he decided to make one available by shoving some nearby teenagers out of their seats.  Gohan quickly walked away to the nearest fast food line.   He ordered thirty cheeseburgers, twenty pizzas, thirty-five boxes of fries, fifteen cherry pies, and seventeen soft drinks.  Ordering food for a saiyan, and two half saiyans was no easy task.  Gohan brought the food to the table, and shortly thereafter Videl and Bra arrived.

“I don’t think you ordered enough food, Gohan,” Videl joked.

“You’re probably right,” Vegeta sarcastically replied.  Gohan gave a small smile before the four dug in.  While they were eating, Gohan decided to ask Bra if she knew who Pan’s boyfriend was.

“Hey, Bra.”

“Mmf, one sec,” Bra swallowed some pizza, “Yes, Gohan?”

“Did you know Pan has a boyfriend?”  Bra’s eyes widened with shock. 

“You do know something, don’t you, Bra.”

“No, I’m just shocked that she didn’t tell me.  I’ll have to squeeze this info out of her.  Ooooh!  I love good gossip!”  Bra giggled and resumed eating her pizza.

“Are you sure, Bra?”

“Dammit, boy, she says she doesn’t know anything,” Vegeta yelled, “Leave my daughter alone.”

“Hey, sorry Vegeta.  I didn’t mean to hound her ya know.”

“Guys,” Videl interrupted, “Lets just eat.”

“I just wanted to see if she knew anything.”

“You’d better listen to your wife, Gohan,” Vegeta responded steely.  The four sat in silence until their meal was finished.

“Ahh, I’m full.  How about you guys?” Videl asked.

“Me to,” Bra replied.  Gohan and Vegeta remained silent.  Gohan felt something in his back pocket, and reached back to see what it was.  When he pulled it out, he realized he brought Pan’s diary with him.

“Whoops, I guess I forgot to put this back in Pan’s room, heh heh.”

“Gohan,” Videl rolled her eyes, “I can’t believe you brought that with you.”

“It’s not like I planned to…” before he knew it, Bra had snatched the diary from him.

“Lets see what we can find,” she giggled.  She opened the diary to a new entry and started reading to everyone.

-I saw him again today after class.  We went to our usual café.  Today I decided to surprise him by taking him to an amusement park.  I think I was more amused than he was heheheh.  We, rather I, decided to go on a roller coaster first.  He had never been on a roller coaster before, so he didn’t know what to expect.  While we were going up the first hill, all he could say were things like, “I don’t understand what’s so amusing about this, we’re going up a hill.”  I told him to wait until we start to go down, and to just relax.  He rolled his eyes a little, but when we went down the hill, he let out the funniest scream I’d ever heard. “ HOOWAAAAAAAA~~AAAAH!!”  We got off the ride and I couldn’t stop laughing.  He kept telling me, “That’s not funny,” but I couldn’t help it.  I told him that if he wanted we could watch some of the shows that they had in the mini theatres and saloons if he wanted.  He said he’d like that, so that’s what we did.  Toward the end of the day, we hit a Wild West style saloon that was having one of those old-fashioned style singers.  We were enjoying the show, until the singer decided to bring him onto the stage.  She wrapped her red boa around his neck, and then she proceeded to wrap her arms around his waste and sway them back and forth while singing.  He was a good sport and played along, but I could tell how embarrassed he was.  Once she was done with the song, he hurried back to our table.  I thanked him for being such a good sport and that I owed him one.  He admitted that he had a little fun onstage.  The next show we saw was a killer whale show.  They basically did some tricks and since it was nighttime, they had some flashy laser lights and different colored spotlights.  He had his revenge on me during that show.  He insisted that we sit in the front row to get a good view of the show.  Once we found our seats, and the show started, he got up saying he needed a drink and was going to the concession stand.  Meanwhile, I watched the show.  All of a sudden, one of the whales jumps into the air right in front of where I was sitting.  At first I thought, “Oh how cool!” but soon realized what would happen next.  The massive thing crashed into the water, splashing everyone including me.  I got soaked.  I heard a faint laughter to my right.  There he was, laughing at me.  It seemed that he asked the trainers to splash the area I was sitting at on purpose. -

Bra closed the journal because she was laughing so hard, “Poor Panny, tee hee.”

“I gotta admit,” Videl said, “That was really funny.” Gohan let out a light chuckle to agree.  Vegeta stared at the three; “I think we’ve read enough of this for today.”  He took the journal out of Bra’s hands and thrusted it toward Gohan.

“Lighten up, Vegeta,” Gohan said.

“Hmph,” Vegeta turned to Bra, “Aren’t you glad that your mother and I never go through your personal belongings?”  Gohan stood up quickly, with an angry expression on his face.

“Well, we need to go home.  It was nice seeing you again, Bra,” Gohan coldly stated.

“But Gohan, I’m not done with my…” Videl argued.

“Pan may be there,” Gohan interrupted.

“You’re right,” Videl sighed, “I’ll see you guys soon.” Bra looked up cheerfully, while her father merely stood there,  “Bye Gohan and Videl!”

Gohan and Videl left the mall and returned home, where Pan was busy training in their front yard.

“Hey Mom, hey Dad,” Pan greeted.  Gohan silently walked toward her.  Pan started to worry when her father didn’t greet her back, “Dad, what’s wrong?”

“We have to talk, young lady.”

“What’s up?”  

“This,” Gohan took out Pan’s journal, and handed it to her.  She looked at him with anger and horror.

“You’ve been going through my journal?  How could you invade my privacy like this?!?”

Gohan folded his arms, “I can’t say I’m sorry we did either…”

“How dare you!” she interrupted, “This is none of your business!”

 Gohan unfolded his arms, “Who is he, Pan?” he yelled. 

“I don’t have to tell you,” she spat while turning her back to him. 

Gohan spun her around and shouted, “While you’re living under my roof, you will tell me what you’re doing.”  

Videl ran in between the two, “Both of you calm down,” she shifted to Pan and put a hand on her shoulder, “Sweetie, we’re just concerned.  Please tell us who ‘he’ is.”

Pan pushed her mother’s hand off of her shoulder, “The hell I will!”

“Don’t talk to your mother that way!” Gohan shouted.

“Fine, I won’t talk to her at all! I’m outta here,” Pan said and flew away as fast as she could.

“GET BACK HERE!” Gohan shouted.  He tried to fly after her, but Videl stopped him.

“Gohan let her go.  You’re both too angry to discuss this rationally.”

“No, I’m gonna follow her.  She might be running to her boyfriend.”  Videl sighed.  She knew she couldn’t stop Gohan.

“Fine, but I’m going with you.”

“All right, dear.”  The two of them took flight after their daughter.  Pan had a head start, but Gohan and Videl soon caught up to her.  They were in flight for a while, until they reached the city, and eventually, the Briefs’ residence. 

“She must be here to visit Bra,” Videl said.  Pan walked up to the door and Vegeta let her inside.

“Lets go home, Gohan.  We’ll give her, and you, ‘til tomorrow to cool down.”

“…ok.”  The two made their journey back home.  They didn’t do much for the remainder of the evening.  Gohan tried to watch TV with Videl, but he was constantly thinking about Pan.  He couldn’t fall asleep that night, he was too angry, too worried.  The days events went through his mind in a constant cycle; Videl’s phone call, the diary entries, the mall incident, the argument, all of it.

Suddenly, Videl snuggled next to him, “Gohan, go to sleep.  You can worry about it in the morning.”

“I can shake this off Videl.”

“We’ll go to the Briefs’ house tomorrow.”

“Hopefully Vegeta will be there to help me break up any fights you and Panny will get into,” Videl joked.

“Heh.  What was with him today anyway?  He was acting completely unlike himself.”

“I dunno, Gohan, just go to sleep.” 

Videl then dozed off.  Gohan’s mind was taken off of Pan for a moment as he thought about Vegeta’s behavior.  Maybe Vegeta just has a soft spot for girls.  I know how he is around Bra, Gohan thought.  Maybe he’s the one Pan’s dating, heh, he joked to himself. He let out a small laugh.  Vegeta dating Pan, that was a good one.  However, the more he thought about it, the more worried he became.  Naah, he thought, Vegeta has Bulma.  He’d never cheat on her.  Although, that description does kinda fit him.  No, he’s not dating my little girl.  Flashbacks of the day’s events at the mall swept through Gohan’s mind.  Could Vegeta’s “concerned” behavior have been nothing more than a lecherous man saving his own skin?  No, Vegeta might be cold and ruthless, but he’s a one-woman man.  Even though he matches Pan’s description pretty well, loves to spar, and would probably go after the only female with Saiyan blood not related to him.  Gohan stopped denying his thoughts.  He put his hands on his face.  My God.  It is Vegeta.  Vegeta is…with my daughter.  Gohan shot straight up with such force that he knocked Videl on the floor while yelling, “Son of a bitch!”


“Vegeta, he, Pan, they,” Videl put up her hands to shush Gohan.

“Ok, ok, calm down and tell me what it is?”

“It’s Vegeta.”

“Huh?  What’s Vegeta?”

“Think about it Videl.  He has strange hair, he loves to spar, he’s short, he’s older than Pan, you, and me, also, remember when Pan said she got beat up the first time she met him, and he took her to his house to heal?  They have medical facilities at Capsule Corp.”

“No…”Videl put her hands over her mouth and shook her head.

“One other thing, where’s Bulma been?  She didn’t seem to be at Capsule Corp earlier today.  Remember when Pan spoke of a break up?  Bulma and Vegeta are probably separated.  They’re having marital problems, so Vegeta’s finding a new ‘mate.’  Who does he pick?  The only female saiyan unrelated to him.”  Videl looked up at him.

“I can’t believe this.  I think you’re right.”

“I’m going to kill him.”  Gohan started to get out of bed when Videl stopped him.

“Tomorrow, Gohan, lets sleep tonight.  You can’t kill a saiyan prince without sleep.”  Gohan knew she was right, so he lay down again and tried to sleep.


The next morning, Gohan and Videl were up bright and early because they wanted to get to Capsule Corp as soon as they could.  They left their house at 8:45 that morning to confront Vegeta about his relationship with Pan.  When they arrived, they saw Vegeta in the gravity chamber training, as usual.   Gohan ran up to the chamber’s door and pounded on it.  Vegeta turned off the gravity and opened the door, clearly not pleased.

                “This had better be good,” he shouted.

                “Vegeta, we need to talk to you about something, so get out here, now,” Gohan coldly demanded.
                “Make it quick.”

                “What have you been doing with my daughter?”  Vegeta raised an eyebrow.

                “What the hell are you talking about, boy?”  Gohan’s anger, and his energy started rising.

                “You know damn well what I’m talking about.  I know you’re Pan’s mystery boyfriend.”  Vegeta looked at him dumbfounded.

                “Are you insane?  Why would I want your daughter?”

                “Why not, Vegeta?  She’s young, beautiful, is a powerful fighter, and more importantly a saiyan.”

                “This is ridiculous.”

                “You say that because you know it’s true.  Besides, where’s Bulma?  Pan wrote of a breakup between her boyfriend and his ‘partner,’ and since Bulma’s nowhere to be found…”

                “You fool,” Vegeta interrupted, “Bulma is on business!”

                “Stop denying it Vegeta,” Gohan’s anger was peaking, “You son of a bitch, you’re fucking my daughter!”  Before anyone knew it, Gohan went super saiyan and was attacking Vegeta with a flurry of punches. 

Vegeta took to the air, “If you’re looking for a fight, I won’t deny you,” he then shot a ki blast at Gohan, but he easily dodged.  Vegeta charged towards Gohan, and hit him in the jaw with a punch, knocking Gohan off balance.  Gohan quickly recovered and got into his fighting stance.   However, Vegeta was already behind him, “You see, boy, this is what happens when you don’t train,” he then kicked Gohan in the gut, “You become WEAK.”  Gohan kicked Vegeta in the face and followed through with a backhand across his mouth.  Vegeta countered with an energy blast.  Soon the two were fighting all over the city.  People on the streets were watching from below as the two were battling above them. 

                Gohan wiped blood off of his mouth.  Vegeta was too powerful for him; it was obvious from the start.  Regardless, he fought on.  He charged Vegeta aiming a kick at his head, Vegeta dodged it and countered with a punch to Gohan’s stomach.  As he doubled over in pain, Vegeta hammer fisted Gohan, sending him crashing into the ground.  Vegeta followed, and pinned Gohan to the ground.  Suddenly, a familiar voice echoed nearby.

"Vegeta, what're you doing?"  He released his chokehold on Gohan and instantly turned to see that Pan was behind him.    He got off of Gohan, knowing the game was up.  There was no use in hiding anything anymore.  Gohan slowly got up to see his daughter... holding hands with someone.  Obviously this was her boyfriend, not Vegeta.  He wasn't lying after all; it almost appeared as if he was actually covering for Pan, helping her keep her secret. 

Vegeta looked at Gohan, then Pan, "I’m sorry, Pan, I did not intend for this to happen."

“It’s all right, Vegeta.  I’m grateful that you kept this quiet and didn’t tell anyone.  Thanks for helping me out.”

Vegeta stood silent as Gohan looked at the couple.  Pan was visibly nervous, afraid of what could happen, and possibly afraid of losing everything dear to her.  However, her boyfriend remained completely calm.  Have I seen him before, Gohan thought.  He looked at her boyfriend again.  He was dressed in everyday apparel; blue jeans, white shirt, casual boots, a hat, and sunglasses, yet he just looked too familiar.  I know I've seen him before.  He slowly took off his sunglasses, his hat, and stared directly at Gohan. Once they were off, and Gohan could see his face clearly, the identity of this person was no longer a secret. 

Gohan was speechless save for five words, "What the hell is THIS?" 

Videl, in the meantime, had been trying to catch up with Gohan during his fight with Vegeta, and was finally on the scene with her husband and daughter.

"Gohan!  Are you ok?"  Videl huddled over her husband to make sure he wasn't injured, oblivious to the couple behind her.  Gohan looked at her blankly, "It's not Vegeta."  Videl was confused.

"Huh?  What's not Vegeta?"

"Pan's boyfriend," Gohan gestured toward the couple, " it's not Vegeta."

"Who is he then?"

                "He...he's the...Supreme Kai."  Videl was as shocked as Gohan.  Her hand slowly crept to her mouth as she looked at the man next to Pan.  There was no mistaking it, he really was the Supreme Kai.

                “Panny!” Videl was horrified.  Her look of disgust sent chills up her daughter’s spine.

                “YOU!” She spat at the Supreme Kai, “What’s that matter with you? She’s just a child!” 

Shin was taken aback,  “I beg your pardon?” 

Pan was burning with fury.

                “I am NOT a child!”

                “I’m going to agree with Videl.  And you!” Gohan muttered to Vegeta, “YOU knew about this?” Vegeta confirmed this by shrugging his shoulders.  Videl turned to Vegeta, “You knew? How?”

                “Bra told me.”

                “BRA?  How did she know?” 

Pan spoke up, “I told Bra.”

                “When was this?” Videl asked.

                “About eight or nine months ago…”


                I had been dating Shin for nearly half a year at the time.  For half a year I had kept my relationship with Shin a secret, and it was tearing me apart inside.  The desire to tell someone became too great, so I decided to tell my best friend, Bra.  I called her one morning and told her that I had something I had to tell her, and that it was BIG.  She asked me to come over that afternoon so we could talk about it.  I still remember how excited she was when she answered the door.  I don’t think I even got a chance to knock on the door before she answered it, and dragged me to her room.  Once we were there, she plopped onto her bed, and motioned for me to do the same thing.

                “Ok, spill it!” She ordered.  I giggled a little and smiled.  Bra perked up a little, “Panny, this a good secret, isn’t it?”

                “Yes, yes it is, but before I tell you, you’ve gotta promise that you won’t tell ANYONE.” Bra nodded quickly.

                “Ok, Bra, I’ll tell you.  For the past five months…”

                “Uh huh, uh huh, uh huh.”

                “I’ve had a boyfriend.”  Bra sat up and had a huge smile on her face.

                “No way!!!  I can’t believe it!!!  Why didn’t you tell me?  More importantly who is he?”

                “The main reason why I haven’t told anyone is because of who he is.  Mom and Dad would freak if they knew.”

                “Aww, c’mon Pan, tell MEEE!” Pan rolled her eyes a little, “Ok, ok, I’ll tell you.”  Bra’s look of anticipation at this point was priceless.  Both of her hands were gripped into her comforter, her eyes were as wide as baseballs, and her mouth was hanging wide open.

                “Tell me, tell me, tell me!”

                “ALL RIGHT!  Bra, I’ve been dating the Supreme Kai.”

 Bra looked at me for a moment, then burst out laughing, “Yeah, Pan, I’m sure your boyfriend is one of the guardians of the universe.”  Bra put a hand on my shoulder and continued to laugh.  I was rather irritated with her when she didn’t believe me.

                “Bra, I’m serious!”  She looked up at me, and could tell I wasn’t joking around.  She was flabbergasted

                “Whoa,” she stammered, putting a hand on her forehead, “How did you manage to land the Supreme Kai?” 

                “I dunno, it just happened.”  Bra looked around for a moment, trying to register all this.  When it finally sunk in, she got this curious look on her face, and I knew she was about to say something incredibly stupid.

                “What I wanna know, Panny, is what your name will be when you marry him.  Pan Kai?  Pan Supreme Kai?  Supreme Pan Kai?  Pan Kai Supreme?”  We looked at each other for a moment and laughed.  Trying to think of married names kept us entertained for a good while.

                “So, when will you introduce me to him?”

                “I never really thought about it.”

                “Aww, please?”

                “I’ll ask him tonight when I see him, ok?”

                “It’s a deal!”  After that, I left her house to go on my date that evening with Shin.


                “That’s how I told Bra,” Pan sat in a nearby chair once her storytelling was done.  Videl looked at Vegeta and asked him when Bra had told him about Pan and the Supreme Kai.

                “I learned by accident that your brat was dating the Supreme Kai…”


                I was in the living room, sitting on the couch, watching a movie on the international channel, Bloodsport, I believe, when your daughter came to see Bra.  I overheard Bra’s conversation about a boyfriend, and I assumed she was talking about herself.  After Pan had left, Bra sat in a chair next to the couch and started watching the movie with me.  I decided to ask her myself about this boyfriend.

                “Bra!” I yelled, loudly, causing her to jump out of her chair a little. 

                “Yes, Daddy?”

                “Did I hear you tell Kakarott’s grandbrat that you had a boyfriend?”

                “No, Dad, umm…” Bra looked away from me, slightly nervous.

                “Spit it out,” I ordered.

                “I can’t it’s a secret.”  I glared at her, letting her know I wasn’t backing down, until she came clean with me.

                “Ok, but you can’t tell anyone, not even Mom.”  I groaned and rolled my eyes.  Girls and their secret keepings never made any sense to me.

                “Ok…here it is, Pan’s dating the Supreme Kai.”  I chuckled a little.  This was the BIG secret. 

                “That’s all?” I asked, “Hmph, I wonder how freakish their children will be.”

                “Then you’re not mad, Daddy?”

                “ Why should I be?  It’s not like your dating him.”

                “Then will you help me cover for her?”  I didn’t want to at first, but Bra started begging me, and I gave-… agreed to help.


                Gohan and Videl laughed a little.  They knew very well that Vegeta didn’t agree to anything, and that Bra forced him into helping out.  However, this was no laughing matter.  Gohan promptly got back onto the subject.

                “I don’t understand this, Pan.  You could have any man you want and you choose him?  He’s not even human.”  Shin walked toward Gohan.

                “I don’t see the point in that,” he said, “What matters more to you, your daughters happiness, or your own?”

                “I’m looking out for her well being…”

                “Are you?”  Shin smirked at Gohan, and shook his head slightly.  This greatly increased Gohan’s rage.

                “My daughter won’t be with some alien freak for the rest of her life.”  Pan abruptly got out of her chair.

                “Alien freak, Dad?  Some alien FREAK?  Lets talk about alien freaks,” she hissed.

                “What?”  Gohan folded his arms, and Pan’s behavior became bitterly sarcastic.

                “Yeah…maybe Grandma ChiChi shouldn’t have married Grandpa Goku.  He’s not human.  Maybe Mom shouldn’t have married you, Mr. Half-Saiyan.” 

                “Heh, she’s more saiyan than the half breeds,” Vegeta chuckled. 

Gohan and Pan pointed to him, “You stay out of this!” they shouted.

                “Fine.  My presence here is no longer needed.”  He then started his flight back to Capsule Corp.  Pan returned her attention to Gohan.

                “You dare to speak to me of alien freaks, when you’re one yourself.”  Gohan yanked Pan’s arm, “That’s it, we’re going home.”  Pan struggled under his grip.

                “Let go!  Stop treating me as if I were five years old!”

                “No!”  Gohan tightened his grip.

                “Ow! Dad, that hurts.”  Before they knew it, Shin had broken Gohan’s grip and threw him on the ground.

                “Don’t touch her!”  Shin protectively stepped in front of Pan.  Gohan quickly got up and shoved Shin.

                “Come on then, Supreme Kai.”

                “Don’t tempt me, Gohan!”  They got into fighting stances.  Pan and Videl got between them to try to reason with them.

                “Gohan, stop this,” Videl pleaded.

Pan put her hands on Shin’s shoulders, “Please don’t fight my dad.”  He relaxed his guard, and resumed a casual stance.

                “I’ll stop, Pan.” He smiled a little at her.  She sighed with relief and gave him a small hug, “Thank you.”

                “That’s it,” Gohan muttered.  He pushed his wife and daughter aside and started assaulting Shin.  The first punch landed on Shin’s face, knocking him off his feet.  As he got up, he landed a strong uppercut into Gohan’s stomach.

                “Think this through, Gohan.  You’re already weak from your battle with Vegeta.”  Gohan didn’t listen and charged at Shin with a punch.  He sidestepped the punch and kicked Gohan’s stomach, then elbowed him across his back.  Gohan was on one knee, huffing and puffing.  Shin walked next to him.

                “Are you all right, Gohan?”  Gohan looked at Shin, then elbowed him in the stomach.  Shin countered with a ki blast to the head.  Gohan flew through the air for a moment before rolling on the ground.  He wasn’t getting up after that.  Pan and Videl ran to his side.  Videl shook Gohan calling his name, hoping for him to respond.

                “Dad,” Pan cried, “please be ok.”  Shin walked toward them.  Videl looked at him angrily.

                “Haven’t you done enough?”  He looked down for a moment.

                “I’m sorry.” 

Videl got up and smacked him across the face.

                “First you corrupt my daughter, now you kill my husband!” she cried.  Shin reached into his pocket and handed something to Videl.  She opened her hand and gasped when she found a senzu bean.  She looked at Shin for a moment, who nodded.

                “I uhh…”

                “You should give that to him while he’s still conscious.”

                “Umm, right.”  Videl knelt beside Gohan and gave him the senzu bean.  Shin turned his back to the three, “I must be going now.  I’ll see you later, Pan.”  Without another word, the Supreme Kai was gone.

Gohan sat up and rubbed his head, “We’ll see about that.”




I hope everyone enjoyed the fic, and I also hope that I caught most of you off guard with the pairing.  There’s more to come in later on, so those of you who liked it can expect to see what happens next, now that Gohan and Videl know that Pan is dating the Supreme Kai.   I’d like to give a special thanks to Mad Arab Alhazred for giving me the idea to write this, and for helping me in writing this.   Please email me with reviews.  Good, bad, doesn’t matter, I’d love to hear what all of you think of the story!