Which Side of Kaioshin do you love *~<3~*:?

Everyone has a particular side of Kaioshin they love...which one is right for you?

1. What would you love Kaioshin to do should his love (you) be attacked by Buu?

Smile "that" smile and try to fight.
Fight? That's why the universe has Saiyans. *blush*
Flail and shout about how strong Buu is....then grab you and fly far far away.
Get Goku and Vegeta to do the dirty work. Then you can both go to Planet Namek and collect Dragonballs together.
Act like a man and slaughter the marshmellow nuisance.

2. What would Kaioshin wish for should he get his hands on the Dragonballs?

Nothing, he'd give the wish to someone else.
Jump up and down and then blank out......
To be stronger than all the Saiyans combined *evil laugh*
To keep being sexier than Son-Gohan
To be more like himself....short cute and sweet.

3. How would Kaioshin spend time with you (again his loovve hehe)?

Tell you tons of stories about the universe, himself, and everything else that he knows...as you walk holding hands.
Blush and shyly ask you to go somewhere romantic with him.
Invite you in his room ( O_O)
Nothing because he's so smitten with you he can't think.
Show off in front of you by thrashing around the legendary Z-Sword.

4. When you ask Kaioshin what's up with Kibito he says:?

His presence only makes mine look that much better.
*scratches head* his hair?
NOTHING! *flails*
Can't get him outta my head...literally.
He's only there for show. *I* can take care of myself and my woman!

5. How does Kaioshin view the whole Buu ordeal?

*says nothing and cowers*
Runs and Hides at just the sound of the name Buu.
I coulda kicked butt had Goku and company not got in my way.
That saga gave me a good rep! *smile*
I wouldn't be *this* that's for sure...

6. Rou asks Kaioshin to look at some choice female-images with him....what would your love-bug do?

Not look but wonder how many would want him (of course he's *yours* though)
Take a peak but then blush like a maniac.
Bug out, yell at Rou, and then go read a good book.
Rip Rou's porno in half, and then lecture him for hours on the *real* important universal matters.
Decline knowing there's planty of butt-kicking he might have to do on some planet.

7. What do you wake up to in the morning (with Kaioshin of course)?

A good morning kiss and a blush
A pathetic but adorable god who just woke up from a Buu-ish nightmare....and needs your affection.
A rough but loving shake before he races you down for breakfast.
What do you THINK you two wake up to together ^_-
Not only did he let you sleep late but he made you breakfast in bed too!

8. What would be Kaioshin's favorite movie?

Me, Myself, and Irene hehe
City of Angels...or something disgustingly mushy ^.^
Anything James Bond (yeah baby!)
Horror flicks
Anything fast and furious...(that movie would do good).

9. You had a fight (boo-hoo) how would Kaioshin make it up to you?

Flowers, chocolates...promises he doesn't intend to keep.
Cry at your feet and beg your forgiveness
Take a risk by leaving you alone for a while before he again sweeps you off your feet.
Wastes no time in sweeping you off your feet once again.
Would have to ponder for a bit on what the hell just happened...but would surprise you later with something extraordinary.

10. I can't think of a last question so just pick a number (actually it does have relevance to your result but I will NEVER TELL YOU *evil grin* ~Ayame).


(Coding stolen from the Beatles test.)