***My policies, legalities, and FAQ***

1.Copyright Notices
Kaioshin and all characters and situations concerning the Dragonball Z and GT universe do not belong to me. They rightfully belong to Akira Toriyama and all other persons and companies dealing in their distribution. This site is purely a fan site and nothing more.
2.Use of My Images and Art
My site has only been open a short time and already I've gotten a lot of e-mails about the use of my images and art for personal site use. Here are my policies.

First off, all images on this site are original and made by me whether they are screencaps, fan-art, sounds, videos, or web page buttons. With that in mind I do expect you to respect the hard work I've put in, in making this site original. That means, nothing should be taken without prior notice to me and all original art that I use as links on my site ( such as my e-mail button) can not be taken for any other site. Sorry to be so strict but I've put hours into this site and want to keep all content original.

3.What Can You Use?
Since I've already gotten questions about use of images from my image gallery I've decided that I *will* allow you take some pictures but there are some rules.
  • I would appreciate an e-mail if anything is to be taken from this site.
  • You *must* link to me if anything is taken from this site.
  • Any page that takes pictures from here must make mention that this page was the source of the images.
  • A *maximum* of four pictures each may be taken from the Kaioshin and Kaiobit gallery and 1 picture each from the Kibito and Rou Kaioshin gallery ( don't worry, this number will go up as my number of images increases ^.^).
  • As of yet, no manga images from my bio of Kaioshin may be taken. Sorry.

Again, I'm sorry to be so strict but I'm a hard core believer in making a site original and taking from mine doesn't increase the number of creative and original Kaioshin fan sites. From what I've seen, Kaioshin fans are very talented and capable of making personal and innovative sites with something different to offer from others around them.

Ocassionally, I will open up a request forum where you can request images and art for your own use (like the stuff I have on my site) that I'll make personally. Hopefully, that will sweeten the deal a little bit since I'm a bit stingy with use of my material.