1. What is a Kaioshin?

A Kaioshin is the highest reigning god in the DBZ universe. A Kaioshin has power over every other Kai in the Other World. A Kaioshin, in lamens terms, is the "bosses, boss." They possess great wisdom and power (more than any other race), but are not the most impressive forces in the universe *in terms of being able to protect the inhabitants of the universe like Goku and the other Saiyans and fighters do*.

Kaioshins are mostly bystanders, and more along the lines of informers. They know everything that is going on in the universe, but only intervene if it is absolutely necessary. They prefer to let mortals handle their own problems but will help out if there is no other choice (note: Kaiobit seems to be an exception to this rule: He's always butting himself in in the Universe's problems, usually by Rou Kaioshin's wishes).

2. Who are the Kaioshin's?

There are five Kaioshins all together, one for each quandrant of the universe, and a master overseerer. The four quadrants are North, South, East, and West *See pic above* and a Master Kaioshin or Dai Kaioshin. Unfortunately, North and West were killed by Majin Buu, and South and Dai Kaioshin were absorbed. The only survivor was the East Kaioshin, who plays a major role in the safety of the universe, and the defeat of Majin Buu. He is currently the the only surviving Kaioshin left from his generation.

3. East Kaioshin and the role he plays.

East Kaioshin has a long and hard history. To go into detail would take this whole page plus some. To read more about him, as well as the other Kaioshins, go read his Bio

3. Where the Kaioshins live.

The Kaioshin base of operations is the planet of Kaioshin-kai. It is very similar to Earth in how it's very green with many bodies of water. The planet is surrounded by many suns and like Planet Namek, it is never night. The sky is always cloudless and is filled with moons and different satellites. Despite popular belief, the Kaioshins do not live in a house/estate (unlike Dai Kaio-sama (AKA Grand Kai) or even Kaio-sama (King-kai). They are always outside in whatever they do (eat, sleep, relax), and if they do have an established estate, it is never shown in the manga or anime.

4. A little help from the outside: Kaioshin helpers

Kaioshins, for the most part, are loners. They don't have outside assistants or relationships, nor do they want or need them. However, do to certain circumstances, a little help from the outside is necessary.


Kibito is East Kaioshin's assiatant and bodyguard. Nothing is known of his past or how even came to be under the employ of East Kaioshin. Kibito is a valuable guy to have around. His size is large and intimidating and his techniques are unique, making him a valuable asset. His most notable abilities are Kai-Kai, *explained more fully in the "Abilities" section* healing, *also explained in "Abilities" * and Bushitsu-shyutsu-gen-majytsu *again see "Abilities"* He's responsible for healing a near death Kaioshin and Son-Gohan, and setting the course for the events in the rest of the Buu saga.

Rou Kaioshin (Old Kai)

Rou Kaioshin is (or was) a Kaioshin that ruled 15 generations before the current East Kaioshin (that's a loong time considering Kaioshins are close to immortal life-span wise). He was trapped inside the Zet Sword (see "Items") and was set free when Kaioshin, Gohan, and Goku broke the sword in half. Rou is the god version of Muten Roshi, and only agrees to help the Saiyans in return for some play time with Bulma (was Goku's brilliant idea). Rou may be a little perverted, but he is an invaluable asset. He has the power to set free a warrior's hidden ability, through a ritual that takes many many hours *see Abilites* Gohan went through this ritual and theoretically became one of the most powerful fighters. Rou was also responsible for introducing the idea of "fusion" *See Abilities* He made fade into the background sometimes, but Rou makes his presence known through his vast knowledge.

5. Recreation

Kaioshins seem to be very fond of fishing for one reason or another. Reading, wathcing TV, listening to music, are also other ways that they normally relax. Although it also seems that there are games to play as well ( Ayame: see the checkers board below...Goku vs. Kibito in checkers? Is that a joke? Maybe Goku could actually win if he wasn't busy stuffing his face ^.^ *L*). Where they get their forms of entertainment, is no mystery at all. Kaioshin have the power to make whatever they want, appear out of thin air *See Abilities* Most of the time their days are spent in recreation, unless there a major universal emergency that needs their undivided attention.

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