1. Items

Even Kaioshins have weapons and various items to help themselves and others. These objects make their job more effecient and easier; some even benefit the already most powerful fighters in the galaxy. In paticular are a few of these that have drastically changed the course of the universe, and saved countless lives.

2. The Key to the Universe?

Probably the one item a Kaioshin cannot live without, is a crystal ball. A crystal ball is just what the name implies, only it allows the viewer to see whatever they wish. Kaioshins can make these appear, and usually carry one around with them place to place. Their crystal ball is the key to the universe, the All Galaxy Network (AGN ^^*) of gods T.V No matter what planet a Kaioshin may be on, a crystal ball can project an exact image of what is happening.

This item is probably the most vital to a Kaioshins' job. Without this, he would be clueless as to what is going on in his section of the universe. How images appear or how the crystal ball knows exactly what its owner wants to see, is a mystery.

3. The Zet Sword

The Zet Sword. The Zet Sword is a legendary sword that saved the universe. The story behind it is very Excalibur-esque, in it is stuck on the top of a large rock. No Kaioshin has ever been able to pull the sword out. As the legend goes, whoever does manage to pull it out will possess the most unbelievable powers, and become the most incredible fighter of the universe. The Saiyan, Son-Gohan *See Friends and Foes*, is the only one to do this. As amazing a feat as it is, it is still an insult to all Kaioshins that Gohan, a Saiyan mortal, was able to do what the highest of gods could not.

A Little Backgournd: Because of Gohan's bravery with the whole Majin Buu deal, Kaioshin orders Kibito to take Gohan to his home planet, Kaioshin Kai * see Kaioshins* This is insult #1, for not even Dai Kaio-sama (Grand Kai) is allowed to step foot on that planet, never mind a mortal boy. Once healed, it is revelaed to Gohan that he is to pull out the Zet Sword. Kibito has major doubts because he was killed by Dabura (later ressurected) and didn't witness the amazing powers that the Saiyans Goku, Vegeta, and esp. Gohan, posessed. Despite the doubts, Gohan manages to pull out the sword, after turning into a Super Saiyan. He shocks everyone by acutally doubting the "Legendary Sword" by bluntly stating that he feels no special force in it, other than that it is probably the most annoyingly heavy thing he ever had to try to figh with (^-^*) He can't imagine how it's going to help him.

Broken Sword: Gohan doubts the legend, but fulfills Kaioshin's wishes anyway by training with it. He's becoming very competant with the cumbersome sword when loe-and-behold- Goku *see Friends and Foes* appears. Goku decides its time to test the blade on the sword. He picks up a huge rock and throws it at his son, who cuts it right in half. Impressed, Kaioshin suggests that something hard, the hardest metal in the universe in fact, Katchin Alloy, be used to truly test it. Gohan tries to cut through it and the Zet Sword breaks in half. Goku and Gohan shrug it off (in fact Goku immediately blames Kaioshin for his dumb idea) and say that legend wasn't true after all. Out from the shards came an old Kaioshin, Rou Kaioshin (Old Kai) *See Kaioshins*

Conclusion: Even though the Zet Sword didn't quite live up to its expectations, because Rou Kaioshin was released, it actually did make quite a few people the most powerful in the universe.

4. Fusion and Potara Earrings

The art of fusion via the Potara earrings, is the most valuable asset that the Kaioshins have to offer. Fusion is when two fighters combine their unique strengths and intelligence, into one body. This makes for an ultimate fighter. This form of fusion is much more powerful than the "Fusion-Ha" dance method that is used earlier on. It is faster, easier, and gives better results.

How it is done:The method is very simple. Two fighters wear wear one earring on opposite ears. By this it means a warrior has one set of earrings, he puts one on his left ear, and gives the other to the person he wants to fuse with, to put in his right. The earrings will pull the two together, eventually fusing them into one body. The resulting fighter will be enormously powerful and have combined traits of both persons. Example:

Downfalls Although this method seems flawless, it actually has one major downfall. The earrings can only be used once. Whoever decides to fuse, will be like that forever. The fusion cannot be undone. *Exception to this rule is the fusion between Goku and Vegeta: for whatever reason, when they were absorbed by Majin Buu, they're fusion came undone.* Another Example:

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