1. Abilities

Every race has special abilities. Attacks and powers that assist them when trouble arises. Some are in self-defense, some are necessary to live, and othere are just plain useful.

2. Kai-Kai

Kai-kai is one of the most useful abilities in the series. As well, it is unique to the Kaioshins only. Kai-Kai, is the technique of being able to teleport anywhere in the universe instantaneously. Kibito it the first one with this ability, but later it gets passed on to Kaioshin (Kaiobit more specifically) when the two of them fuse. Kai-kai is the fastest and most effecient way of getting from point A-point B.

Goku has a similar ability, but it is limited because he can only teleport by finding something to teleport to (usually the life-force of another being) and the speed at which Goku can use it, depends on how strong his endpoint is. In Dragonball GT, Kaiobit also uses this technique in order to find Trunks, and cure him of Bebi's evil, in the Bebi saga. * Ayame: "note: In GT, Kaiobit touches his forehead, *like in the above picture* similar to how Goku does, before doing Kai-Kai. This is actually not necessary. Kai-Kai is unique because focusing your mind on an endpoint is not needed, you just GO there. You may not need to be reminded that Dragonball GT is on crack, and lot of things about it should not be trusted ^_^")

3. Healing

The Kaioshin healing process is very similar to the Namekian. It can heal every part of the person, as well as patch up their clothes; it makes them completely new, as if they haven't even fought yet (unlike the Senzu beans which only returns one's strength and heals internal injuries).

Kibito is the only one in the series to demonstrate this ability. He heals Kaioshin and Gohan, who are both near-death. Kaiobit claims frequently to have the ability to heal, and offers to do so to SSJ4 Goku in the Bebi saga, but he never acutally does, so there's skeptecism in his ability to do it. However since Kaiobit inherited the ability of Kai-Kai, *see above* there's no reason why he didn't inherit the ability to heal.

4. Bushitsu-shyutsu-gen-majytsu

This is not really a life-saving technique (although it could be) as much as it is useful. Another word that could be used for this technique would be "materialization." Bascially, the Kaioshins can make whatever they want appear out of thin air. Whether it be clothes, food, or just random objects, (like Kaioshin's Kachin Alloy in the above picture) all a Kaioshin has to do is point his finger and ZAP. The object appears.

This technique is used more often than not in Kaioshin's recreation *see Kaioshins* and Rou Kaioshin seems to use it a lot to make TV's, Radio's, and mangas appear out of no where.

Another frequent use of this ability, is to make clothes appear. Kibito does this twice two Gohan: Once to give him Kaioshin-esque clothing, and another to give him a look alike of his father, Goku's, gi.

5. Talking to People on other Planets

Another trait that is used in GT, but not in Z, is the ability to communicate to the people of Earth (or any planet) by speaking in a "Loud Booming Voice" (which Bulma complains makes her ears hurt *L*) In Dragonball Z, Vegeta asks Kaiobit to do this very thing (in order to gain strength for the Genki-Dama) but Kaiobit declines saying he has no idea how to pull off something like that (Rou has no idea either). The job then gets passed on to Kaio-sama (King Kai) who has no trouble doing this.

In Dragonball GT however, Rou Kaioshin and Kaiobit are the first to know about the evil Dragonballs in the Evil Senlong saga, and quickly yell out from the sky exactly what is going on (it's also revealed that part of their Kaioshin job is to neutralize the negative energy that the Dragonballs omit, which unfortunatly takes them 100 years.)

The only downside to this technique, is that it is quite rough on the ears to those on the receving side. Especially when the cranky old Kaioshin is sreaming his head off.

6. Releasing the Powers Within

To quote Rou Kaioshin (Old Kai), he wasn't always a "can of ugly." Years ago, actually 15 Kaioshin generations, an old witch snuck behind him and stole one of his Potara Earrings. *see Items* Because of this, the young Rou Kaioshin, was fused with the witch and became the cranky old man.

The upside to this whole ordeal was that he was endowed with a very unique power: The ablility to bring out every single ounce of a fighter's hidden ability. Gohan is the target of this technique because not only is he brimming with sleeping powers, but he was the one to pull out the Zet Sword as well. The ritual starts off with a 5 hour dance that the old Kaioshin does, and ends with him sitting in front of the trainee for another 20. The sitting is the tedious part and while Gohan is allowed to do nothing but concentrate for the full time, Rou Kaioshin watches TV, and reads mangas. Not really fair is it?

7. Martial Arts and Other Fighting Techniques

Kanashibari-no-jytsu and ki-aigan-an-ki are two special techniques East Kaioshin has (I'm sure the other Kaioshins possess them as well). Kanashibari-no-jyutsu is shown in the first pic above. It is a technique that is used to paralyze an opponent for a duration of time. Kaioshin uses this ability to paralyze Gohan in the Buu saga so that his energy may be bottled. The effort it takes to paralyze depends directly on the strength of one's opponant (Ayame: "I hope I spelled that right..")

Ki-aigan-an-ki, is a ki wave that is shot using mental powers. The wave is fairly powerful and is more likely used as a stun-and-run then a direct attack. There is no picture for this yet because Ayame is a lazy bum. But there will be one day...just like everything else the lazy bee-otch ever promised ^_^*

The last attacks ( one which is shown in the second picture) is basic martial arts and various ki attacks. It is stated that Kaioshin's are more powerful then Freeza, which is impressive, but if you think about it, when Trunks first appeared he too was able to kill Freeza with one slice from his sword blade. Now that was powerful for the time, but would you match pre-Room of Spirit and Time Trunks against Majin Buu? Didn't think so. That gives you a fairly good idea of how strong the Kaioshins actually are.

8. Bukujutsu

Probably the only technique that needs no introduction. Bukujutsu is...flying! There's nothing really to tell about it except it is a ki manipulation technique that allows one's feet to leave the ground and fly through the air.

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