~~~Christmas Day~~~


Megami’s eyes began to droop as she stared hypnotically into the crystal ball. The repetitious patterns of the “what and whos” of the southern universe flashed by in a most annoying arrangement that began to make the young girl drowsy.

 “ I can’t believe I ever wanted to do this for the rest of my life” she said as she snapped awake and laid on her back in the grass.

   She recalled the time she desperately wanted to become a God of Gods and how hard she worked to make the dream come true. In the end though she found more happiness in being with a Kaioshin than actually being one.

  “How can you just stare into that thing all day and not be driven out of your mind?” she interrogated Rou Kaioshin  as he sat adjacent to her reading some comic book.

  “ I don’t. That moronic Kaiobit of yours does. Go ask him.”

  Meg closed her eyes and pulled at the grass underneath her. I wish I could….she thought to herself as she wondered just where Kaiobit went off to a few days ago and when he would be coming back.

   Meg sat up and looked at the old man laughing at his reading material. She inched over and gawked over his shoulder trying to see just what was so funny.

“ Hey!! I read this one a while ago! She yelled out in happiness. “ In the end the aliens get killed by a Intergalactic Stellar Phasar Gun made by the earthlings and that girl right there becomes the heroine of the universe!”

   Rou stopped laughing and looked at Meg dead in the eyes.

 “What? Keep reading you’ll love the ending!” she squeaked. 

  Rou shook his fist at her “ Why should I keep reading when you just RUNINED THE WHOLE THING FOR ME!”    

  “Oops?” Meg smiled innocently.

 Rou Kaio stood up and threw the comic down on the ground. He made a new one appear in his hands as he walked away and sat a good distance away from her. “ Moronic girl….” He mumbled under his breath. “ All looks and no brains. Empty space that’s all she has… why her and that empty headed excuse for a Kaioshin deserve each other…”

  Meg stuck her tongue out at the old coot  as he muttered insults to himself. She turned her attention back to the crystal ball and focused on images of earth. She watched for a few minutes then sadly thought to herself. Oh Kaiobit…don’t I mean anything to you any more….always disappearing and leaving me alone without a trace as to where you’ve gone. One day you’ll leave and never come back…I just know it.

 Reading Meg’s thoughts, Rou walked back over to her and sat next to her. Of course making sure he left his current comic book out of her sight.

“ Do you know what day it is?” he said without looking at her.

“ Not really. Why, should I? I mean, there’s really no time here on this planet. “

 Rou arched an eyebrow. “ In earth time it would be December 16.”

Meg looked at him blankly. “So….”

 “ Well, do you know what’s coming up soon?”

“December 17th?” Meg said blushing.

 Rou clamped his teeth together and again shook his fist at her. “ THINK!”

 Meg tugged on a lock of her pink hair. “ I really don’t know..” she said quite embarrassed.

Frustrated he grabbed the back of Meg’s head and pushed her face against the crystal ball. “Look there!!”

Narrowing her eyes she saw an image of Capsule Corp. and the Brief’s family decorating a tree. Vegeta and Bulma were yelling their heads off at each other about how half the lights weren’t working while Trunks picked up his little sister to place the star on top.

  Meg smiled at how happy they looked….Vegeta being the obvious exception.

  “ Christmas.” She said quietly. “ I’d forgotten all about since I’ve been here so long. I hadn’t celebrated it since I left the Other World to come train here. And that was such a long time ago.”

Meg sat up on her knees and looked at the old man. “ So…that still doesn’t explain where Kaiobit went.”

 Rou rolled his eyes. “ The stupid boy figured that you were expecting something in terms of a present and went out to find you the perfect gift.”

 “What?! Oh jeez I didn’t know that! What should I get him?! Why didn’t he tell me!! Oh this is great..!!” Meg paced back and forth nervously yelling to herself.

“ Why didn’t he telllll me!!!” she screamed as she roughly grabbed Rou by his old shoulders and shook him back and forth.

“ Idiot!” He yelled as he shook her off. “He figured you already knew! He assumed you had already gotten him something and left to go hunt for the best gift. Leave me out of this! ”

 Meg grabbed her hair as a bead of sweat rolled down her forehead. He’s getting me a gift….but what in Kami’s name do I get him??! What can you buy for the highest of all God’s that he doesn’t already have??

 In an abrupt interruption of her thoughts, Kaiobit suddenly teleported in. Scaring Meg out of her worries, she realized it was him and happily jumped on top of him, knocking him to the ground.

 “Your back!” she squealed happily.

“ I’m glad you noticed,” he said as he kissed her cheek.

 Meg sighed contently, laid her head on his chest and wrapped her arms around his waist. I can’t let him know that I haven’t gotten him anything for Christmas yet. He’d be so disappointedespecially since he’s going so out of his way to make me happy…

 Kaiobit blushed and wrapped his arms tightly around Meg. “ I’m sorry I left you like that.”

Meg just crushed herself into him and hugged him closer. “ I’m just glad you’re back.”

 Rou gagged at the sight of this. He looked down at Kaiobit and raised his eyebrows, asking him the question that needed no words.

 Kaiobit shook his head back and forth in a definite “no.”

  “ Well now that you’re back keep your nosy girl out of my business!” Rou yelled as if nothing had just happened. He huffed and then walked away leaving the two alone.



“Rou Kaioshiiin!!!” Meg yelled at full force the next day as she pirouetted across the grass to where he sat still reading the same damn comic book.

 “WHAT?!” He yelled back at her.

“ I thought of it! I know what I’m getting him for Christmas! I only have 9 days to pull it off but I think I can manage it!”

Rou rolled his eyes and mumbled something. Completely ignoring the poor girl, he made headphones appear and put them on, turning the volume way up.

“ Rouuu!!” Meg whined. “ I need your help! I need to know where I can find the Dragonballs!!”

  “ Leave those forsaken things alone. What in the world do you want with them anyway? Nothing but trouble comes out of those and that’s something we don’t need around here.”

  Meg sighed and tapped her foot in thought. The only other person who knew about the Dragonballs was Kaiobit but she could never ask him without revealing her secret. Her idea was to collect all seven and then ask the dragon to give her what Kaiobit wanted the most. She had very limited time to find them though and Rou was being of no useful assistance.

 “ FINE! I’ll just get help somewhere else!!” She yelled so the old man could hear through the blaring music.

 Meg put her fingers to her head and closed her eyes. She tried to lock on ki similar to Kaiobit’s. With any luck she would teleport to the Kami of the earth.

  Found it. She thought happily as she concentrated on the energy.


“Hello? Anyone here?” Meg tiptoed around the edge of the Tenkai looking for any signs of life. “ I really could use some help! Anyone??”

 Meg sighed and kicked a stone across the white bricks under her feet. How am I going to ever find these things…

  Feeling defeated Meg went to teleport back home when she suddenly saw movement on the other side of the palace.

 “Excuse me! Are you Kami of this planet? “ she panted when she finally reached where Dende happened to be.

 Dende nodded and listened to the girl’s sob story.


**Bleep bleep bleep** Meg flew over the mountains following the little ball that moved across the radar she held in her hands. This is going to be harder than I thought….

 After running away from bears, nearly drowning in the ocean, promising to marry a drunken gambler, and freezing to death in the middle of no where, Megami managed to wrestle away four out of the seven Dragonballs. Dirty, ripped up, and exhausted beyond belief, she was more than happy to be home as she carried her four prizes across the field the where Rou Kaioshin lay sleeping.

 “ Take a look!” she beamed proudly as she dropped the four orange spheres into the old man’s lap. “ I’m more than half way there and I still have two days to get the other three!”

 Rou rubbed the spot on his head where one of the balls clunked him. “ Hmmph. Nothing but trouble.”

“ Where should I hide them? I can’t let Kaiobit get sight of them. It would ruin the surprise completely!”

Rou nodded over to a large rock. He didn’t approve of the situation at all but he wanted nothing more than to just go back to sleep. “ Just stick them behind there and leave me alone.”

  As she put the Dragonballs in their hiding spot she beamed proudly. Just three more and then I can give the best present of all.


Megami turned around at the sound of her name and saw Kaiobit racing towards her desperately. She moved away from the rock so he wouldn’t get a chance to ruin his own surprise.

“What’s wrong?” she yelled as he came to her. She had completely forgotten that she had been missing for the last 7 days and how worried he must’ve been.

 Gasping for breath, Kaiobit reached her, kneeled down in front of her, and put his hands on her shoulders. “ Are you alright? Where have you been? Look at you! Is everything okay?”

 Meg laughed and gave him a kiss. “ Trust me I’m fine. No need to worry.”

Kaiobit sighed and shook his head at her. “Don’t ever disappear like that again.”

“ You do all the time though.” Meg teased.

Kaiobit’s dark eyes pleaded with her own and she could see that he was honestly wrecked with worry.

“ I promise.” She finally said softly and wrapped her arms around his neck. If you only knew…. she grinned to herself.


 Christmas Eve, earth time, finally came. Kaiobit finished putting the final touches on Meg’s present and beamed proudly at his accomplishment. Meg had never asked anything from him since the first day she came to the Kaioshin planet and he felt it was time to spoil her a bit.

He carefully hid her present and then walked around trying to find where she went off too.

She was no where to be found. She’s been doing this way too much he thought suspiciously. Not only does she disappear for days but she locks out her energy so I can’t find her….what is she up to and why doesn’t she want me to know? 

  Kaiobit felt his worry mode kick in as he could only think of the horrible things that she could be doing behind his back. Of all days too… he sadly reflected.

 Rou Kaioshin was nearby, gawking at something in the crystal ball. Kaiobit walked by and kneeled next to the old man seeing what it was that he found so interesting. He rolled his eyes at the display of the Miss Universe pageant.

“ You know what I would like for Christmas?” the old coot started to say as his attention was completely fixed on the ball.

“ I could probably guess but I don’t think I will.” Kaiobit said sarcastically. He looked down at the ground, his head filled with worries. “ Rou, do you know where Meg keeps going off to? I mean, do you have any idea at all?”

 The old man looked at the worried Kaoishin and shook his head. “No idea. Just leave her be.” He then continued to gawk at the crystal ball.

“Some help you are.” Kaiobit mumbled. “ I have a feeling she’s doing something deceitful. She never ever leaves this place and then all of a sudden….she’s never here.”

“ Shut up. You worry too much. Don’t accuse her of a crime she hasn’t even committed yet. Let her come back and then you’ll get to see for yourself.  Now leave me alone idiot! ”

 Kaiobit sighed and left the old man to his business. At this rate, he feared that Meg wouldn’t even be back for Christmas. And after all the trouble I went through for her too….serves me right for trusting a girl like that he contemplated bitterly before putting his arms behind his head and closing his eyes for a much needed rest.


“GIVE IT HEEERE YOU MONGROL!! You stupid excuse for an overgrown puppy! Don’t make me hurt you because I can and I will!!

  Meg pulled with all her might trying to tug away the last of the seven Dragonballs from a dirty old dog.  Angry and perturbed she cracked her knuckles and opened her palm in front of the dog’s face.

“ Don’t say I didn’t warn you Fluffy!”

A blinding shot of energy fired from Meg’s hand and naturally, being Meg, she missed completely. The blast glazed over the dog’s head, bounced off a stone, and headed straight back towards Meg.

“ Dear Kami NOO!!”  She yelled as her own attack exploded at her feet and sent her flying to the other side of the pasture.

 Fluffy scratched at a biting flea behind his ear, picked up the orange Dragonball and trotted over to where Meg lie.

“ You win…” she mumbled dejectedly—barely able to even pick her head up.

Fluffy cocked his head and dropped the ball on top of Meg’s torn dress. She winced from the impact but then smiled at the beat up canine.

“Thanks a lot.”



Meg teleported back to Kaioshin-kai proudly carrying the remaining three Dragonballs in her arms.

  “ Oh great Dragon I summon you! Grant me my wishes!” Meg summoned the Dragon, Shenlon, with as much panache as possible. After all the trouble she went through she figured this “great dragon’ better give her exactly what she wished for. Kaiobit seemed to have run off again and it was the perfect time to get his present in secret.

  The orange balls glowed with an endless amount of light. Energy shot up from the seven of them and ended with the perfect silhouette of a long and very large dragon.

 Meg shielded her eyes from the display and gawked in awe at the great creature that towered over her in strength and power.

 “ You may have any three wishes you desire as long as they do not exceed the power of the dragon.”

 Meg beamed with joy as her heart raced. This is it she thought happily.

“ Oh great Shenlon I only need one wish granted! All I ask is that you give to me what my dear Kaiobit, the last Kaoishin, wants for Christmas more than anything else!”

 The dragon paused his actions as if contemplating the difficulty of the wish. “ That’s easy….” His eyes glowed red as the wish came true. “ It is done.”

 Meg watched with starry eyes as the dragon dissipated as spectacularly as he had came. The ground shook underneath her as the seven balls rose to the sky, turned to stone, and shot out into the universe, in the direction of earth, where they would lie dormant for a whole year.

   When all returned too normal, Meg checked her hands and body for any signs of a present.

“Whaaa??” she exclaimed as there was absolutely nothing in her grasp.

 Contemplating the extreme let down that was just given to her, her eyes began to fill up with tears as she cried out obscenities to the long vanished dragon.


 Meg collapsed in tears as she realized that all her hard work was in vain. She spent the last 9 days in pure hell trying to get that dragon and he didn’t even grant her her ONE wish.

“ It’s not fair….” She whispered. “ Stupid earthlings probably used him so much that he’s broken now…”



Christmas Day and Kaiobit sat patiently underneath a tree waiting for Megami to make her morning debut. He nervously tapped his finger on the ground, indecisive of how he was feeling towards her right now. For the past two days she had again been missing in action and he had since went out looking for her after his brief interrogation of Rou Kaoishin. All efforts were in vain though and when he returned from his exhaustive search for her he found her curled asleep in the grass all torn up and with tear stained cheeks.

Part of me wants to strangle her and another, hug her so tight that she passes out…he thought anxiously as he eyed his gift for her.

 As if just woken from the dead, Meg stumbled towards Kaiobit still as disheveled as the night before.

“Good…morning?” Kaiobit said noticing how tousled she still was.

Meg plopped down next to him and pouted out a “Merry Christmas” under her breath.

“Are you…feeling okay?”

Meg didn’t answer. She only looked up at him with tears already filling her eyes.

Noticing that a sudden out burst of feminine emotions was seconds away from ringing in his ears, Kaiobit pushed his present for her into her lap, hoping it would hold back the flood of tears a bit more.

“ I don’t know what you’ve been up to lately but I’m just glad you’re back….” He said with a smile.

Meg looked sadly down at the tiny gift and already knew that it was some sort of jewelry that he probably had to search the entire eastern galaxy for.

“ Well, the actual present is much better than the box,” Kaiobit joked when he saw her delay in opening it.    

 Meg opened her endowment and saw that her premonition was right. She burst out crying and held up the sparkling necklace in her hand.

 Kaiobit was shocked and appalled by her reaction. He was more than positive that she would’ve loved it as he could remember her commenting on it when she saw East Kaio wearing it at Dai Kaio’s last tournament.

 “ I….can take it back….well actually I can’t….umm…don’t you like? You said you did only a few decades ago…Meg?”

 Meg started gasping for air from her extreme crying and stuttered her next few sentences so badly that Kaiobit couldn’t understand her.

“Calm down…” he said as he wrapped his arms around her. “ What are you trying to tell me?”

Meg couldn’t look at him in the face as she softly explained to him that she had nothing to give him in terms of a Christmas present.

“ The Dragon…he….he’s stupid. I wished for him to give me what you wanted the most for Christmas and he gave me NOTHING!.”

The biggest smile ever spread across Kaiobit’s face as he listened to her Dragonball collecting adventure, finally realizing where she had been the past 9 days, why she didn’t want him to know, why she was an unkempt mess, and just how happy he was to know that she wasn’t trying to leave him.

In spite of her sad tale, he burst out laughing and mustered the best kiss he could out of her.

“ Aren’t you disappointed?” Meg said when he finally broke away. “ I have nothing to give you and you went through so much trouble for me….”

“ Apparently not half as much as you did for me.” Kaiobit said still amused. “ You had me insane with worry.”

Meg shrugged and leaned back against him. “ I’m sorry. I still don’t know why the Dragon didn’t grant me my wish though.”

 Kaobit embraced Meg as close and tight as he could and looked down into her black eyes.

“ You know, the Dragon has never ever failed before. Sometimes, when you don’t get what you wished for it’s usually because what you truly want is something that you already have.” 

Meg looked up at him and smiled, still a bit confused. “ So….what is it that you already have that’s your greatest desire?”

Kaiobit didn’t bother to answer Meg’s oblivious question. He just suffocated her with another kiss hoping she’d figure it out for herself soon enough.




   Hooray for Christmas! Actually…Christmas sucks! ^_^


~~~ Dec.20, 2001~~~