"If you're going to test the sword, use something harder."

Goku pulls out a huge boulder and throws it at Gohan who stands ready to slice it in half. Confident in the sword's ability, Gohan cuts right through the rock. Everyone is impressed by the sword's power but Kaioshin suggests that something harder be used to truly test the Zed Sword's true strength.

The answer to this is "Katchin Alloy," which Kaioshin calls the stongest metal in the universe. Using one of his better techniques, he creates a square cube of this amazing metal out of thin air and launches it at Goku. Once caught, Goku agrees that it's one tough piece of rock and proceeds to throw it in Gohan and the Zed Sword's direction.


Ahahahaha one of the funniest parts ever....Katchin Alloy proved to be more than the so called "Zed Sword" could handle and the tough slab of rock bounced off the sword's edge and broke it in half. Gohan, Kaioshin, and Kibito, all have this wacked out look of disbelief on their faces as they watch the holy weapon fall down in two pieces. Goku just complains that it's all Kaioshin's fault because *he* was the one who wanted to test the sword on something as ridiculous as the strongest metal in the universe.

Gohan drops the Zed Sword and in a dissapointed tone states that the legend wasn't true after all....BUT because the sword was so heavy he became a lot stronger while trying to learn how to use it. Kaioshin turns his frown upside down and says that that must be the Zed Sword's true power and how it makes someone the strongest in the universe. It's impossible weight increases the user's strength that much.

"You won't believe me when I tell you who I am..."

While everyone is slightly bickering over the broken sword a mysterious energy starts to dissipate from the broken shards. No one notices at first until Kaioshin starts going off again about the Zed Sword's true power and a strange voice comes from behind telling him that he's wrong. The odd vocals belong to none other than an old Kaioshin who came out of the sword. Because this part of the series hasn't been dubbed in English yet I'll refer to him as "Rou Kaioshin" which just means "old/revered Kaioshin." Everyone else calls him "Dai Kaioshin-sama" out of respect but it's a mis nomer because he is not a Dai Kaioshin...he's just old. ANYWAY...Rou Kaioshin was, according to him, a Kaioshin 15 generations before the one we currently know and love. He was sealed up in the Zed Sword by a magician who was terrified of his power. Goku mistakes "power" for "strength" and throws a ki blast right in the old man's face to test how strong he is. Of course, it blows up in his face and sets him flying across the grass screaming obscenities like "Asshole and Dickhead" at Goku (I'm serious here.) It's then that Goku realizes that he is rather like Roshi in he's just a perverted old man.

"SHUT UP! This is an important part of the ritual."

Rou Kaioshin wasn't bluffing about his incredible power though. He has this odd ablitly to bring out a person's ultimate power potential. By this, it's meant by someone hidden ablitly....their surpressed power that just needs to be awakened. Rou Kaioshin can give someone's latent strength the wake up call it needs so that it doesn't need to be worked out to bring about, the person can just use and call on it whenever he wants. Because Gohan is the one who freed him from the Zed Sword, Rou Kaioshin said that he'll be the one to get the power upgrade. In the manga, he just offers this gift to Gohan but in the anime Rou Kaioshin won't do the power upgrade until after Goku offers him a chance to grope Bulma (The Buu saga is awfully perverted at times let me tell you). He offered Videl at first but Gohan just wouldn't stand for it. After the perverted offering, Rou Kaioshin states that he's very dissapointed in Kaioshin because a human had to free him instead of another God. Kaioshin apologizes for being so weak.

The ritual commences with the old Kaioshin doing a crazy dance and chanting some odd words. Everyone stares at him. Goku pokes fun at Rou Kaioshin until he states that the silly dance is a very important part of the ritual which will last for 5 hours. Not only that but the actual power up takes 20 hours. Goku laughs, wishes his son good luck, than goes off to take a nap. Kaioshin, Kibito, and Gohan all state that the whole situation sucks because they'll have to stay awake the whole time.

"I TOLD you he'd pick Gotenks as his name!."

Meanwhile back on Earth, Goten and Trunks have perfected Fusion well enough to actually give it a shot. Their first few attempts are mistakes though and the actual combination of the two is quite messed up. Finally though, every position is done in cadence and perfection and the result is the awesome fused warrior "Gotenks." (GOTEN+trunKS=GOTENKS) Gotenks is definitly the combination of the two spunky children when he flies off immediately to fight Majin Buu. All he has to say when he comes back from his first battle with the fat pink monster is "I got my ass kicked."

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