"Gohan!! You did it!!"

Gohan grits his teeth and tries his very hardest to pull the Zed Sword out. Kibito grins arrogantly as Gohan's only rewards after his first unsuccessful attempt are burnt hands and a bruised ego. Getting angrier by the second, Gohan transforms into a Super Saiyan and gives that sword every ounce of energy he has. At last, Gohan pulls it out much to the delight and shock of Kaioshin and Kibito.

"I don't feel much power in it at all..."

After the Zed Sword is pulled out Kibito is still in shock that a human was able to do what no other God could. Kaioshin is just delighted for he has much faith in the sword's ability to defeat Majin Buu and is confident that once Gohan can master it the universe will be safe once again. Gohan isn't so sure though...although he admits that the sword is extremely heavy, he doesn't sense much power inside of it and wonders where this incredible strength is going to come from. Kaioshin is a little shocked by Gohan's observation but concurs with Kibito that Gohan should start learning how to use the sword properly and then after he's a skilled swordsman, determine whether or not the Zed Sword is everything the legends make it out to be.


While Gohan is busy training on Kaioshin-kai, some crazy stuff has been happening back on earth. Buu is going around doing his thing, Babidi eventually gets killed and Goku shows off his incredible ability of going Super Saiyan Level 3 (SSJ3). Goku confronts Buu with this incredible transformation and knocks the pink blob around for a bit. Unfortunately though, SSJ3 was meant strictly for use in the worlds of the afterlife (that's where he learned it) and every second that Goku spends as a level 3, savagely eats up the equivalent of minutes and even hours of regular earth time, cutting Goku's ONLY day allowed back on earth very short. Promising Buu a warrior to fight with that's even *more* powerful than him Goku departs telling Buu to come back in few days when this powerful fighter will be all set to go. Unbeknownst to Buu, Goku had been teaching Goten and Trunks another technique he learned in the afterlife called "fusion." Fusion is basically a silly dance that is done by two participants, who are of equal fighting power, that will literally fuse the two fighters into one being that will possess the combined strenghts and abilites of both persons. It's a bit tricky though because the movements required must be done perfectly as well as perfectly in synch by both individuals. Goku gives the two kids a brief lesson on it and then leaves the rest of the training up to Piccolo and Krillen. A tearful goodbye is said between Goku and all his beloved family and friends as Ba-Ba comes and whisks the dead warrior back to the afterlife.

"Gohan, why are you wearing that funny outfit??"

Back on the Kaioshin homeworld, Gohan more than mastered how to use the Zed Sword. Kaioshin and Kibito are astounded at how fast he picked up the skills needed to use the sword in only a short day. Meanwhile, Goku is hanging around on Snake Way when he suddenly feels Gohan's ki. Excited, he locks onto his boy's energy and teleports to Kaioshin-kai where he disturbs Gohan's training session and nearly gets his head chopped off by the Zed Sword ^.^ Gohan and company (with the exception of Kibito) are overjoyed to see Goku until he tells them about how much of the Earth has been destroyed by Majin Buu. Gohan, Kaioshin, and even Kibito all show remorse for this unhappy news. Goku gets up and asks Gohan if he can hold the sword for a while (what I don't understand is that Goku says, "is this the Zed Sword?" as if he already knew about it O.o ). Kibito is again in shock as Goku too swings the legendary sword around as if it didn't weigh an ounce. Thinking the sword must have a nice edge Goku decides that they should test it, just to see how great and sharp this legendary weapon actually is...

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