" Bring back all those killed today...except the evil ones.

After Vegeta kills himself, Buu is blown to bits. Unfortunately though, he is not dead. The noble effort on Vegeta's half was completely in vain. Horrified and confused by his actions, Bulma and company start collecting the Dragonballs in an effort to bring back all those killed earlier, by Vegeta, at the tournament ( I skipped this part earlier....when Vegeta turned Majin he killed hundreds of spectators in order to get Goku all fired up). They succeed in their task and when Shenlon is summoned, they wish for all who died to be brought back to life....but only the "not-evil" ones ( reason why Dabura stays dead ). Meanwhile, immediately after the wish is made, Kibito wakes up from the dead. Startled and confused, he has no idea how he was brought back. All he knows is that he must find Kaioshin, who is barely alive and is desperately trying to locate Gohan's where-abouts despite his critical condition.

" You're going to let a mortal step on Kaioshin-kai? Even DAI-KAIO'S never been there!

When Kibito finally locates Kaioshin, he is unconcious on the ground. Kibito quickly heals Kaioshin and asks what happened. Kaioshin only replies that they must find Gohan ASAP. As they fly, Kaioshin briefs him on what he happened and why it is important that Gohan be found and healed as quickly as possible.

When found, Gohan too was unconcious and barely alive. Kibito goes to heal the boy but Kaioshin tells him to hold off until they get back to his planet, Kaioshin-kai. Kibito is utterly mortified at Kaioshin's radical decision to bring back a mortal human to the most sacred planet in all the universe but must comply because well...Kaioshin said so and 1). He's always right and 2). When in doubt refer back to rule 1. Not happy but not about to argue with Kaio-supreme, he uses the technique of "Kai-Kai" to teleport to Kaioshin's planet. **Kai-Kai is similar to Goku's teleportation technique only it's more effective becuase one doesn't need to lock in on another's "Ki."**

" He'll never be able to pull out the Zed Sword." " You were dead Kibito so you don't know...know about the amazing strength Gohan has."

Once on Kaioshin-kai, Kibito restores all of Gohan's energy. Confused by his new surroundings, Gohan sees Kaioshin and assumes he's dead and that he made it to heaven ( he wants to know where his halo is though ^.^) Kaioshin assures him that he's alive and that they're not on heaven but on his planet. Kibito inquires about Kaioshin's judgement and demands to know why he allowed Gohan to come here. Kaioshin explains that he wants Gohan to pull out the Zed Sword, a very Excalibur like sword that's stuck in a large rock on his planet. To the young God's knowledge, no other Kaioshin has *ever* been able to pull out the sword but he's certain that Gohan would have the power and strength to change that. Kibito laughs though and is positive that Gohan will fail.

During the flight to the sword, Gohan comments about how nice Kaioshin-kai is and how it looks alot like where he lives. Kibito says that it's not bad enough that Gohan is a mortal human but his tattered appearance is unnacceptable as well. Giving Gohan a spiffy new godly outfit, they continue they're journey to the sword.

"Kibito...shut up and watch."- Kaioshin

Once on the rock the three stand together over the sword and Kaioshin asks Gohan to go ahead and give it a whirl. Kibito again mocks Gohan and says that it's impossible to pull it out. If a Kaioshin couldn't do it, there's no way a human ever could. Kaioshin tells the big oaf to shut his trap and just watch.