"Abra-cadabra and Bibidi, Babidi, BUU!"

While in flight in persue of Yamu and Spopovitch, Kaioshin tells all about why he is present on the planet Earth. The legend of "Majin Buu" and his destructive capabilities unfolds in all its terror, leaving the fighters with the premonition that there is going to be much work ahead of them. Many years ago, this Buu monster wrecked havoc on the universe by the orders of his master, Bibidi. He not only manged to destroy countless planets but he ended up on Kaioshin's planet where he slaughtered West and North Kaoishin, and absorbed South and Dai Kaioshin ( I'll go more into this later). Kaoishin, who is telling the story, is from the East and is now the last of his kind. With this in mind, he sees the future as one destined to be destroyed by Majin Buu once again, only this time at the orders of Bibidi's son, Babidi ( we later find out that Kaoishin killed Bibidi). Confused yet? Oh it gets better.

"Is he strong? " Of course he's strong. He is the King of the Demons!"

Because this is a bio on Kaioshin I'm going to shorten the next couple of episodes as much as I can. Kaioshin doesn't play much of a role in the next few parts so I'll give you the "short short" version so we can skip all of the fighting and go right to the good stuff! *gasp* Anyway, the fighters meet up with Babidi and his counter part, Dabura who doesn't just look like Satan by accident. He's one mean mo-fo and under the Majin charm which means he follows all of Babidi's orders. After turning Krillin and Piccolo to stone, an enraged Goku and company follow Dabura into Babidi's ship, a trap which Kaioshin saw from the start. Angry at the hot headed Saiyans, he has no choice but to follow them despite his better judgement. Once inside, Babidi has each fighter ( except Kaioshin ) fight a really weak and stupid looking monster in hopes to transfer the battle damage to Buu's ball. Seeing how much Goku and Vegeta kick ass Babidi realizes that his last hope is Dabura who, even though pounds on Gohan, gets a brilliant idea : let's make Majin Vegeta!

"Don't you realize the fate of the universe is more important than your meaningless squabbles?"

Through the creation of Majin Vegeta, Babidi gets the energy he needs. The tension between Vegeta and Goku is enormous and when an all out brawl between the two erupts Kaioshin begins to fear the worse. Of course, he has a right too for the two Saiyans are fighting at a level beyond Super Saiyan and cause Buu's energy meter to sky rocket. Gohan tries a few times to intervene on the hatching of Buu but all efforts are in vain. Out of the brain-like ball comes the pink marshmellow nightmare: Buu. Fat, stupid, but powerful he beats Gohan right out of his spandex and proves once and for all that everything Kaioshin feared has come true. Buu is more powerful than he said and it's going to be quite the task to get rid of him. Leaving the God to face his worse nightmare alone, Gohan lies all beat up on the ground below.

"You killed my father and now I'll kill you!"

Kaioshin gets a blast from the past when Buu once again beats him up. Overjoyed at the God's suffering, Babadi cheers in the background for the death of Kaoishin. Gohan, not as helpless as thought, tries one more time to put an end to Buu and save the God but one blast and he is sent to the other side of the mountain. Kaioshin uses his mental power to ease the blast on the young Saiyan so that he may live and continue on as the Earth's last hope. Pretty much now unconscious and unable to defend himself, he lays at the merciless feet of Babidi ready to except death. Lucky for him though, Vegeta comes to his senses and is determined to defeat Majin Buu. He self destructs and hopes that all the energy of his sacrafice will be enough to kill Buu and right the wrong that he caused by his selfishness in accepting the Majin charm.

"Goodbye Bulma, Trunks, and you too Kakarott..."

Now the saga shifts back to Kaioshin for a while and probably his biggest role in the whole plot: The Zed Sword.

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