"The price of greatness is responsiblity." -Winston Churchill

Here on the peaceful planet above lives the great Kaioshin ( AKA Supreme Kai, "Shin" or whatever else floats your boat ). Up above, higher than all the other planets of the universe, Kaioshin carries out his great responsiblity of maintaining peace in the entire universe. Although the world of the earthlings is enjoying peace for the moment, life has not always been so easy for the highest of all Gods.

"It's not that I'm confident about beating you...not at all.

Enter the 25th Tenkaichi Budoukai and the scene for Kaioshin's debut. Using the surname of "Shin," he surprises Goku and company by directly challenging the great Saiyan. Along with his silent compadré and bodyguard, Kibito, he stirs the group up a bit with his surpirsing confidence in his desire for a promising fight with Goku.

A bit intimidated by his fowardness, Piccolo concurs with Goku that there's something just not right about "Shin." A feeling of great power emanates from this strange young man that Piccolo senses and is left feeling uneasy by. This is later reinforced when the two are paired up with one another in the second round and Piccolo refuses to fight. After forfeiting, Piccolo confronts Shin and interrogates him on the nature of his identity. Wrong completely ( guessing he was Dai Kaio AKA "Grand Kai") it is revealed to the Namek that Shin is only part of his name, which would be "Kaioshin." This revelation reveals a title as well, that being the "Kaio-Supreme" ( Supreme Kai for you dubbies). Shocked by being in the presence of the highest diety, Piccolo is left shocked as he is sworn to secrecy by the young God.

"No, it couldn't be...why would 'he' be here? - Piccolo

Next round puts Videl and Spopovitch head to head with one another. The brutal beast of a man lays no mercy on Mr. Satan's ("Hercule")little girl. With un-human like power he beats her to the ground, only letting her survive because Yamu reminded his partner that killing his opponent would lead to disqualification ( in the dub he says "they have more important business"). Suspicions are aroused amongst all the fighters of where Spopovitch attained his power and leads Gohan to become more stressed about his challenge, Kibito. Afterall, if Piccolo couldn't handle Shin, Kibito just might be as strong. After reassuring his son, Goku goes off to Karin's Tower to locate some Senzu beans to heal Videl. After taking his sweet time, Gohan asks for Kibito to hold off a little longer, just until he can give Videl a Senzu to heal her. Obliging but not very happy, Kibito agrees.

After a sappy scene between Gohan and Videl, the fight between Gohan and Kibito commences. Deja vu hits everyone as the fight is the same between Shin and Piccolo: a stalemate. Both fighters eye eachother up until Kibito breaks the ice by asking Gohan to turn into a Super Saiyan. Shocked that the tall guy was aware of his hidden identity, Gohan follows his orders and begin to transform. Standing in the background, Kaioshin waits in anticipation for what will come next...and he knows exactly what is about to happen. Out of the shadows, Yamu and Spopovitch jump out and drain Gohan of all his energy. Kaioshin, to eveyrone's shock assists them in their task by restraining Gohan's ability to move and barking orders for everyone to just stay put. When Yamu and Spopovitch had finished the job, they take off to the air with their flask of pure energy. Kaioshin reassures Goku that Gohan will be fine and that if he chooses, he may follow him for his help will surely be needed.

"You know what to do Kibito..."

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