Secrets and Lies Chapter 2


By: Lady Kreliana



Pan flew as fast as she could to get away from her parents.  They were the last people she wanted to see at that particular moment.  She felt too uncomfortable going home, she felt like she was violated there, so she went to the last place Gohan would expect her to go; her grandmother’s.  ChiChi saw Pan through the kitchen window, and hurried to greet her as she landed.

            “Pan, what’re you doing here?” ChiChi asked.  Pan stood silent, almost ashamed.  ChiChi became concerned.

            “What’s wrong?”

            “Grandma, I’ve done something terrible.”  ChiChi raised an eyebrow.

            “Really, such as lie to your parents?”

            “HOW DID YOU KNOW?” she shouted. 

            “You’re mother told me yesterday.  I still can’t believe you kept your relationship a secret all this time.  Lets go inside.  We’ll talk in the house.”  Pan and ChiChi walked inside the small, cozy house.  ChiChi had some cooking she had to do, so the two resumed their conversation in the kitchen.  She started cutting up various vegetables when she started lecturing Pan.

            “You know what you did was wrong, Pan.  Secrets and lies never amount to any good.”

            “What about surprise parties?” 

            “WOULD YOU BE QUIET AND LISTEN!” ChiChi screamed, “What I meant was that people don’t like to be lied to.  Your parents are hurting right now.  Hurting because their daughter kept something important from them.  Hurting because their daughter lied to them time and again,” ChiChi sighed and put the vegetables into a pot to cook.

            “Making soup, Grandma?”

            “Yep.  Enough for 40 people…or one woman and some hungry saiyans.”  They both laughed.

            “Grandma, I realize that lying to Mom and Dad was wrong.  Maybe if I told them sooner, they wouldn’t have been as upset as they were.”  Pan looked away for a moment.  ChiChi smiled slightly.

            “I’m glad you’re finally realizing that you made a mistake.”  ChiChi took a cheesecake out of the refrigerator.  Pan looked toward her grandmother.


            “Yes, Panny?” ChiChi took two slices out of the cheesecake and set them on some plates.

            “If everything I’ve done was based on a lie, would that mean my feelings for him are wrong too?” ChiChi looked up for a moment.

            “Your feelings for your boyfriend?  Wrong?  I wouldn’t think so.  Love can never be wrong.” ChiChi looked on dreamily, “I remember when your grandfather was here.  Those were the happiest days of my life.  Just knowing he was with me brought insurmountable joy in my life.”  ChiChi brought the cheesecake to the table.

            “What’s the cheesecake for?”

            “Bribery.  Now that we’ve got the moral out of the way, you can give me all the details about your relationship.”  Pan laughed lightly and sat in front of one of the slices of cheesecake.  Pan ate a bit of her slice.

            “Mmm, it worked too.”

“Ok, first question, who is he?”

“Well,” Pan was a little apprehensive, “he’s kind of…the Supreme Kai.”

“The WHAAAAAT?????”  ChiChi was shocked.  Pan laughed nervously.

“Yeah, Grandma.  Shin, I mean the Supreme Kai, is…”

“The man of your dreams? Oh how sweet.” ChiChi went back into her dream state.

“Geez, Grandma, you make it sound so…” before Pan could finish her sentence, ChiChi glared at her.

“So WHAT?”

“Uhh, nothing!”  Pan quickly ate another bite of cheesecake.  ChiChi smiled and ate some of hers.

 Pan talked with ChiChi about relationships for the rest of the afternoon.  Pan would talk a little about her and Shin, then ChiChi would compare it to something she and Goku did.  It was an afternoon that Pan needed.  She was grateful that her grandmother put aside her urge to yell and scream to give her some advice, and to give her someone to talk to. 

            After dinner, Pan decided that she should go home.  Having her confidence restored, she decided she wanted to talk to her parents about this.  As she was flying home, a voice boomed from out of nowhere, calling her name.  She stared into space, wondering who could have called her name.

            “You can’t see me, Pan, I’m using King Kai to talk to you.”  Pan’s eyes lit up as she realized who it was.

            “Grandpa Goku?!?  Is it really you?”

            “Yep.”  Pan knew that if Goku was standing beside her, that he’d be giving her a big smile.

            “It’s good to hear your voice again.” Tears were forming in her eyes.

            “It’s good to hear yours too, Panny.”

            “You probably know about me and the Supreme Kai, don’t you?”

            “Oh yeah!  Everyone here knows about you two.  They’re all rooting you two on!”  Pan landed on the ground, with an expressionless look on her face.

            “Everyone here….you mean everyone in heaven knows?”  Goku’s voice got even more cheerful.

            “Yeah!  All of us think you two are wonderful together!  And it’s a lot of fun watching the four Kais make fun of the Supreme Kai behind his back…”

            “GOKU!” King Kai turned to smack Goku upside the head. 

            “Sorry, King Kai!”  King Kai accidentally cut Goku’s telepathic connection to Pan in order to yell at him.

            “Grandpa?  Grandpa!”  A tear fell down Pan’s cheek.  Her grandpa was gone again.  She decided not to waste any more time and resumed her flight home.

            In the meantime, Goku was getting yelled at by King Kai.

            “Goku, you idiot!” he shouted, “If you tell her that, then the Supreme Kai might fry all of us!  Have you no common sense?” 

            “Aww, come one, King Kai, I don’t think the Supreme Kai would do that to you.”  Goku’s attention was diverted for a moment when he realized his connection with Pan was lost, and that she was probably heading home.

            “Oh no!  King Kai, connect me back to Pan!”

            Pan was almost home when she heard Goku’s voice again.

            “Pan!  Sorry about that, heheheh, King Kai and I had a little mishap.”

            “Umm, it’s ok.”

            “Listen, Pan.  Now’s not a good time to discuss your relationship with the Supreme Kai with Gohan.”  Pan was a little confused.

            “Why not?”

            “He’s not thinking clearly.  So much has happened that he hasn’t had the time to deal with it rationally.  I just tried talking to him about this, and he basically told me to butt out, and that you’re his daughter and he knows what’s best for you.   Talking about this right now will only upset him more.”

            “Then what do I do?”

            “Wait for him to calm down and collect his thoughts.   Wait until he’s ready to discuss this rationally with you.”

            “Easier said than done.”

            “I know it’s not gonna be easy, but things will work out for the best.  Just give things some time.”  The last sentence echoed as Goku cut his connection with Pan.

            “Give it some time…” she whispered.  Looking up at the heavens, she realized Goku was right, “Ok, Grandpa.  I’ll give it some time.”  As she flew home, Pan knew the next few days, possibly even weeks, ahead of her would be tough.  But, she also knew the hardships she would be facing would be worthwhile.

            Tension reigned in the Son household for quite some time.  Gohan refused to even look at his daughter.  All sense of rationality escaped his mind every time he saw her.  As for the Supreme Kai, Gohan belittled him in his mind until it blinded him.  Videl, on the other hand, decided to take different approach to her daughter’s relationship.

                “Pan, honey, can you come here for a second?”  

                “Sure, Mom, where are you?”

                “The kitchen.”  Pan walked slowly to the kitchen.  She knew what this was about.  Videl was seated at the table, so Pan sat across from her.

                “What’s up, Mom?” she asked.  Videl sighed slightly.

                “Pan…” she started.  This would be harder than she thought.  Pan stiffened slightly.

                “Mom, don’t tell me to break up with Shin, because I won’t.”

                “I know, sweetie, I know,” Videl patted Pan’s hand slightly, “I’m not going to ask you to break up with him.  What I want to say is…I’m sorry.”  Pan looked at her mother as if she were insane.


                “I’ve been a jerk to the Supreme Kai without giving him a chance.  It’s taken me a while to get over the shock of you having someone, in fact, I’m still not completely over it,” Videl sat back in her chair,  Why did you lie to us, Pan?  Why didn’t you think we’d understand?  You know we wouldn’t hate you.”  Pan looked away slightly.

                “It’s because I was afraid of this happening.  I didn’t know how to tell you that I’m dating the Supreme Kai.  I mean, you saw how Dad reacted.”

                “I wouldn’t take what your father says or does for the next few days to heart.  He’s not thinking clearly.  You’re his little girl, and it’s hard for him to accept you growing up.”  Pan laughed a little.  That’s what Grandpa Goku said too, she thought.

                “Mom, I don’t understand why you’re all of a sudden willing to give him a chance.”

                “Believe it or not, my dad gave me the idea.”  They both chuckled slightly.  Videl got up and poured herself a cup of tea.

                “He reminded me of how he was when I was first dating your father.  He said, ‘Do you really wanna put her through that, Videl?’ and then laughed loudly.  Still, there was truth to what he said.  I don’t want you feeling that your father and I will reject you because of who you choose to be with.”  Videl looked down at her cup, “I want you to know that we love you no matter what.”

                “Thanks, Mom.”  

                “One more thing, Pan.” Pan was a little nervous.


                “I’d like to meet him again sometime.  You know, on better terms.”

                “Sure thing!”  Pan gave her mother a typical Son smile.

                “How about this Friday around noon?  You only have one class that day and it’s finished by 11:00.  Your father won’t be home either.”

                “Sounds great!  We’ll be there.”  Pan walked out of the room, leaving her mother to her thoughts.  Videl poured herself another cup of tea and thought about meeting the Supreme Kai.  This is going to be interesting. I’m just glad Gohan won’t be there to start a fight.  I will keep an open mind.  

                The next few days flew by as Videl and Pan secretly made plans for lunch without Gohan knowing.  When Friday did come, Videl was a nervous wreck.  She made chicken teriyaki with rice for the three, which she checked and rechecked anxiously as she waited for the couple.  Just as she was pouring the meal into serving bowls, she heard the door slam shut.

                “Pan, honey, is that you?”

                “Yeah, Mom, we’re here” she yelled.  No turning back now, Videl thought.  She wiped her hands on a towel and came out of the kitchen to greet her daughter.

                “Hi, sweetie,” Videl gave a quick hug to Pan, she extended her hand to the Supreme Kai, “Nice to meet you again, Supreme Kai.”  He took her hand.

                “The pleasure is all mine, Videl.  Please, call me Shin.”

                “All right…Shin.  Anyway, I hope you guys are hungry!”

 Pan perked up, “I am!”  

                “You’re always hungry,” Videl laughed.  Shin nodded.  Pan pouted slightly.

                “Hey!”  Videl and Shin laughed.  Pan became more agitated.

                “Uhhh, lets just eat ok!”  The two continued to laugh as they entered the dining room.

Once Pan and Shin were seated, Videl went into the kitchen to get the food.  She picked up the bowls with the chicken and rice, was about to pick up the plates when she stopped. I've got a good idea.

I'll tell Pan I forgot the plates, and make her get them so I can talk with Shin alone for a few minutes.  Videl returned to the dining room, set down the bowls, and sat in her chair.

"Pan, it seems I forgot the plates.  Would you go into the kitchen and bring them out?"

                "Yeah, Mom.  I know how easy you forget," Pan sarcastically replied.  She got up and went to get the plates.  Videl could now interrogate Shin.

                "So, Shin," Videl put on her inquisitor voice, "how long have you and my daughter been dating?"  Shin sat back in his seat and folded his arms.

                "I believe it's been a little over a year."  Videl was about to ask her next question, when Shin turned to face her, "I know you want to know what I see in your daughter.  I truly enjoy her company.  I assure you, I have no intentions of using her.  The thought hasn't even crossed my mind.  She's a very important part of my life now."

                "Shin," Videl began to apologize for her behavior, but was once again cut off.

                "I'm not offended, Videl.  I understand your concern for your daughter's well being.  I also take no offense to yours and Gohan’s actions the first time we met.  It must have shocked you greatly to see her with me."  Before they could say anything else, Pan burst into the dining room with the plates.  Videl thanked Pan, and started serving their lunch.

                "This is great, Mom!" Pan said.

                "Thanks, it's ChiChi's recipe."  The three ate for a few more minutes, until they had completely drained the bowls of rice and chicken.

                "Thank you for lunch, Videl," Shin said.

                "You're welcome." The three sat in an awkward silence for a few minutes, until Videl tried to make conversation with Shin, "I've been dying to ask you, Shin, is Pan your first girlfriend?"

                "Yes, as a matter of fact, she is," he replied, smiling slightly at Pan.

                "Really?  But I thought I read in Pan's diary that you had a breakup with someone."  Shin looked confused for a moment.

"I'm sorry, but what are you talking about."  

Pan spoke up, "Umm, I think she means you and Kibito.  I briefly mentioned ‘that’ in my journal."  Now Videl was the one who was confused.

                "Oh, that." Shin looked distraught for a moment.

                "Did I say something wrong?" Videl asked.

                "No, Videl.  Pan is referring to the time when my servant, Kibito, and I fused using Potara earrings to save an entire race from extermination.”

                “Did you?”

                “No.  Allow me to explain.  I’ll make this as brief as possible.

  We were on a distant planet called Mallay that had been invaded by an unknown scientist that threatened to exterminate the planet’s inhibitors.  The Mallites were a race of mages, who depended on the magic exerted from their planets core in order to survive.  Unfortunately, we were too late.  By the time we arrived, he had finished an antimagic device that would cancel out all the magic on the planet.  We couldn’t stop the activation.  All of the Mallites died, and the Potara earrings’ magic was cancelled out, thus we unfused.  It was a scene from Hell.”  Shin stopped and took a sip of tea.  Videl didn’t know what to say.  It was one of the worst stories she had ever heard.

                “How horrible,” was all she could muster.  He looked away for a moment.

“Yes, it was horrible.  Anyway, since the closest planet to Mallay is Earth, the scientist traveled here during his escape route.  That’s when Pan saw us.  We were just starting to come out of our fusion when she saw us.  We didn’t have time to explain, so we caught the scientist, killed him, and left.  Pan didn’t know it was us until some time later."  Shin looked down for a moment and sighed.  It was obvious that the story of the Mallites was a painful one to tell.  Pan reached across the table and held his hand.  Videl felt like a complete jerk at this moment, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to bring up such an awful subject." Shin didn't even look up, "It's not your fault."

“How awful to watch an entire race die in front of you.”

“And since the loss of magic is how they die naturally, the cause of death would be seen as natural to the Shenglong.”  The three sat in an awkward silence for some time.  Videl cleared the dishes and brought out some tea.  The three sipped their tea silently, until Shin spilled a drop of his on his shirt. Videl got up and handed him a napkin.

“Thank you,” he said as he wiped the tea off his shirt.  It was then that his clothing was brought to her attention.  He was dressed in a maroon button down shirt with black pants, and had black shoes on.  From what she’d heard, the Kais didn’t normally dress so casually.  Well, except the Grand Kai.  She had to ask about it.

“Hey, Shin, I always thought that Kais didn’t dress like normal people, yet you do.  Why is that?”  Pan laughed in mid sip, nearly spitting her tea all over the table.  Shin buried his face in his hands.  Videl’s face turned bright red.

“Is this another bad subject?”  Shin looked up and snickered.

“Only for me.  It’s quite amusing for most people.”  

“Oh?”  Videl gave him her undivided attention.

“I survived a horrible ordeal with your daughter and her friend, Bra.”

“What’d you do to him, Pan?”  She gave her mother a devilish smile.

“We took him SHOPPING!”

 Videl burst out laughing, “I’ve got to hear this!

Shin rolled his eyes, “All right, I’ll tell you.”


Pan had just told Bra that I was her boyfriend, and Bra wanted to meet me.  I agreed to meet her the following day.  I didn’t think any harm could come from it, and I was a little excited to meet Pan’s best friend, since I’d never met any of her friends.  We met in front of the Satan City Movie Theatre at about 1:00pm.  After our formalities, the first thing out of Bra’s mouth was, “Eww, are you really gonna wear that?”  I nodded.  I didn’t see any problems with what I was wearing.  Bra asked Pan if I always dressed so formally, and when she told her yes, she got very excited.

“Bra…NO!” Pan shouted.  Bra giggled.

“Change of plans, everyone.  We’re going SHOPPING!”  She grabbed Pan and I by our wrists and shoved us into her capsule car.  I had never been shopping, so I didn’t know what to expect.  Once we arrived at the mall, I realized that I didn’t have enough money to go on a shopping spree.  

“Pan, Bra, you do realize that I don’t have that much money on me,” I told them.  Bra whipped out her credit card and said, “No problem!  I’ll pay with Mom’s card!”

“Won’t she mind?”

“No way, Mom won’t care.  She’ll think it’s another one of my shopping sprees.”

“If you insist.”  I followed them into the mall and started looking at all the different stores.  However, I didn’t have much time to look around, since Bra was pushing me into a nearby store. We walked to a rack of clothing, but before Bra started to shop, she took her purse off her shoulder and asked, well forced, me to hold it.  She rummaged through many different things until she finally found something she liked.

“What do ya think?”  She presented a flamingo pink polo shirt.  Pan and I gagged.  I didn’t know what to say, so Pan spoke for me.

“For crying out loud, Bra, what’re you trying to do?  Change him from Supreme Kai to Supreme Sissy?”  Bra put her hands on her hips.

“I don’t see you doing any better.”

“Watch me.” Pan shoved her purse at me and started looking through the clothes too.  

I don’t know which was more embarrassing, holding two purses while every human male laughed at me, or trying on outfit after outfit while being rated on a scale of one through ten.  Those girls dragged me from clothing store to clothing store.  Once we were done with clothes, Bra had to accessorize.  They took me to shoe stores, jewelry stores (Bra didn’t like my earrings), hat booths, and many other places.  It was a nightmare.  A nightmare that didn’t end, even once the shopping had stopped.

Once we were done shopping, I started my journey home.  The shopping bags made the trip home a little more tiring than normal, so I decided to rest for a moment at the Grand Kai’s planet.  I was dressed in Adidas’ pants with a matching shirt, hat, and shoes.  I figured nobody would recognize me.  Unfortunately, that idiot Grand Kai did.

“Hey, Supreme Kai, lookin’ good!” Not only did he embarrass me by commenting about my clothing, but he also pointed and winked.  Also, once he spoke my name, everyone in heaven knew who I was.  Instantly, a crowd gathered around me, bowing before me and ‘admiring’ my Earth clothes.  I wanted nothing more than to escape the humility, and just when I thought things couldn’t possibly get worse, I heard a cheerful voice behind me.

“I see Pan and Bra took you shopping.”

“Yes, Goku, they did.”

“Heheheh, if your feelings for Pan can outlast shopping with her and Bra, they can outlast anything!”  Goku flashed his typical smile at me.  I was a bit surprised.  For the longest time, I expected Goku to have the same reaction Gohan had to me dating Pan.

“You’re not upset that I’m dating your granddaughter?”  His smile only got bigger.

“No way!  I’m really happy that Pan’s found someone that makes her feel special.”  I sighed with relief and we talked for a short while until Kibito arrived to help me with my…bags.  He tried his best not to laugh at me, I could tell, but an occasional snicker escaped him.  Once it was all over, I wanted to lock myself in my home for a millennium.”

Videl tried hard not to laugh.  She knew what a pain it must have been to shop with Pan and Bra.  She shook her head a little.

“It’s amazing you survived.”  The three laughed a little until the phone rang.  Videl got up to answer it.


“Hey, Videl.”  It was Gohan.

“Hi, sweetie, what’s up?”

“Not much, I’m almost done with my paperwork here, so I’ll be heading home soon.”

“This early?”

“Yep.  There’s nothing else to do here, so I thought I’d spend the afternoon with my beautiful wife, before we go partying tonight.”  Videl giggled.

“How soon will you be home?”

“About half an hour.”  Videl panicked a little.  She hoped she’d have everything cleaned up by the time Gohan got home.  If not, he’d be wondering why there were three sets of dirty dishes instead of two.

“Ok, dear, I’ll be waiting for you.”

“Bye!”  She hung up the phone.  Pan walked into the doorway.

“Who was it?”

“Your dad.  He’s coming home from work early, so you two better leave before he gets here.”


“And remember, your dad’s friends are getting together at Master Roshi’s tonight for their little reunion thing.” Pan shuttered when she thought of Master Roshi.  She hoped he wouldn’t try grabbing her in private places like he did with most girls.

“I’ll be there, Mom.”

“Why don’t you bring Shin with you.  It’d be a great opportunity to tell everyone he’s your boyfriend.”

“Ok.  It’s a great idea!”  Videl walked Pan and Shin to the front door.  He put on a black leather jacket before he walked out the door.  Videl couldn’t help but comment on it too.

“So, you wear leather jackets too?” she laughed.

“Actually, it’s the first time I’ve worn it.”  

“It looks good on you,” Pan said.

“You think so?”  Pan looked at him dreamily.

“I’ve never wanted you more.”  Shin’s face turned bright red, and Videl gasped.  Pan laughed evilly as she opened the door.

“I’ll see you later, Mom.”

“Ok, Panny.  It was nice meeting you again, Shin.”  He bowed slightly.

“You too, Videl.”

Pan and Shin took off at full speed.  They wanted to get as far away from the house as soon as possible, so that Gohan wouldn’t sense any trace of their energy.  Shin looked at Pan, who seemed to be in a world of her own.

“Pan, is something wrong?”  She shook her head.

“Not really.  I’m kinda nervous about tonight.  Everyone will know about us.”

“Does that bother you?”

“No, I actually can’t wait to tell them,” she looked at him and smiled, “I’m not ashamed about us.  Even if everyone at the party tonight ridicules us, torments us, laughs at us, and whatever else, I don’t care.  I don’t care because,” she flew in a bit closer, “I’m happy.”  Shin took her arm in his.

“So am I.”

“I love you.  You know that, right?”

“Yes, and I love you.”

Back at the house, Videl had just finished putting away all the dishes from lunch.  She was glad she invited Shin over for lunch.  Seeing her daughter full of joy with the one she loved was all she needed to accept the relationship.  She was so happy for Pan.  Videl knew her daughter had found the kind of love that lasts forever.  Especially since this relationship would redefine the meaning of eternal love.  The sound of a door shutting interrupted her thoughts.

“Videl, I’m home.”  Gohan put his coat in the closet as Videl came to greet him.

“Hi sweetie,” she gave him a quick peck on the cheek.  She was about to step away when Gohan wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her passionately.  Videl broke the kiss with a giggle.

“What was that for?”  

“I missed you.”  Gohan leaned toward her again.

“I missed you too.”  He kissed her again.  His hands started roaming her body, as they slowly moved toward the couch.  As much as Videl was enjoying the moment, she knew they had plans for that evening and couldn’t go as far as they’d like.  Reluctantly, she broke from his grasp.

“What’s wrong, Videl?”

“Gohan, we have that party tonight, remember?  We can’t do anything just yet.”  Gohan sighed, disappointed.

“It’s only 1:30, we have time.”  He went in for another kiss, but Videl started laughing.

“The party starts at 3:30, I have to get ready, and it takes half an hour to get to Master Roshi’s…” Videl continued talking, but Gohan wasn’t listening.  Boy does she know how to kill the mood, he thought.  

“…oh, and Pan’s bringing the Supreme Kai.  So, what should we wear?  I don’t think I’ll wear a skirt or shorts, I don’t want to give that old man anything to stare at.”  That last sentence caught Gohan’s attention.  He became infuriated.

“Back it up, Videl.  Pan’s bringing that piece of trash Kai with her?  Why?”

“Gohan, that’s not a nice thing to say.  You don’t even know him!”

“Stop defending him and tell me why he’s gotta be there tonight.”

“They want to,” Videl was trying to find the right words, “announce their relationship to everyone.”  Gohan was shaking his head.  He couldn’t understand why Videl was all of a sudden “on their side.”  

“I don’t want him there, Videl.”

“Stop being so childish, Gohan!  This is what our daughter wants, this is the man she wants, and the life she wants.  You better start accepting it or you’ll lose her.”  She turned her back to him.

“I’m only trying to protect her.”  He put a hand on her shoulder, “I don’t want anything bad to happen to her.”  Videl turned toward him slightly.

“Right now, the only person she needs to be protected from is you.”  Gohan was about to retaliate when Videl put up her hand to shush him.

“Gohan, lets go to this party tonight and have a good time.  I’m going to get a shower.”  Having said that, she went upstairs to take her shower.

Videl came down the stairs dressed in black pants and a blue, v-neck sweater.

“You look great!” Gohan commented.

“Thanks,” she put her hands on his arms, “Please don’t start anything with the Supreme Kai tonight.  Lets just have a good time, ok?”

“I’ll try.”

“Promise?”  He smiled at her.

“I promise.”  Videl grabbed her purse, and they started for Master Roshi’s.



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