Kaiooshin-kai: A History


Book of Pentacles, part 5: Split-Brain

A DBZ fanfiction by LadyRivka

A/N: For the sake of brevity (c’mon, I’m not going to re-write DBZ here!), I have decided to skip a few things. As of now we fast-forward to when Gohan breaks the sword, and then to Kaiooshin and Kibito becoming Kaiobit. –L.R.

Kibito couldn’t shake the fact that the little god had shown much faith in Gohan.

Too much, in his humble opinion. First he wanted HIM to pull out the Zet Sword and use it against Majin Buu. And now…now practically spoke for itself.

Son Gokuu had arrived on the planet, which had fazed the bodyguard at first, but he had not shown as much faith in the father as he had in the son. Gokuu had thought it would be a good idea to train Gohan using the sword, and Kaiooshin agreed. Now the little god had conjured up a block of Kacchin metal, the strongest in the Universe, to test the sword against.

Kaiooshin threw the block towards Gohan, and Gohan attempted to cut through the metal…

…But the sword broke. Everyone was in shock because this supposedly indestructible sword had broken. It couldn’t even stand up to Kacchin metal! Some sword!

Everyone just stood there, mouths agape, talking about how the Zet Sword had been a dead end, when, a few minutes later, a voice could be heard behind Kaiooshin and Kibito:

"Hehehe….yer wrong, fellas!"

The god and his bodyguard practically jumped out of their skin with that remark. But they turned around and there was this old, thin Kaiooshin standing behind them.

"I was a Kaiooshin 15 generations before you fellas," he explained simply.

"Fif-fifteen generations? You must be kidding!" yelled Kaiooshin, slightly defensive.

"Nope, I ain’t, and I’m damn happy to get outta there!" he said, pointing to the remnants of the sword.

(skipping over a lot of stuff here…like Mystic Gohan training, blah blah blah….)

"Now", said Roo-Dai Kaiooshin, as he was called, or simply "Elder" by Kaiooshin and Kibito, "You’re talking about all this fusion business, Gokuu? Welp, we Kaiooshins have had a secret for eons- something more powerful than fusion. The Potara Earrings."

"Huh?" asked Gokuu, Kaiooshin, and Kibito in unison.

"Well, ya take one of these earrings," he said, pulling the ones off of his ears, "and put it on your left ear. Gohan takes the other one and puts it on his right ear. C’mon, you two young’un’s can demonstrate." He made a gesture to Kaiooshin and Kibito.

Kibito was excited, but Kaiooshin was rather tense about the whole ordeal, because he was attached to Kibito, but he didn’t want to be attached to him LITERALLY.

"Okay…" Kaiooshin breathed a deep, calming breath. "I’ll take my left one off, and you take your right one off, understood?"

"Hai, Kaiooshin-sama." They did as Kaiooshin had directed, and it was like a black hole had opened up between the two, pulling them inside, into the confines of one body.

The being composed of the two old comrades stared down at his hands. He had never felt such an incredible power surge in his life; the two components had never ever felt so close in their lives, so utterly close. It was as if they could touch each other’s thoughts now…

"Wow," the unified being spoke, "What power! Gokuu, I think I can fight Majin Buu alongside you now…"

"Waaaait a sec," the old Kaiooshin stated calmly. "You’re nowhere near powerful enough to do THAT."



"By the way, I’d like to get back to my old selves…my head is killing me…"

"Ya ain’t going to be able to do that, sonny. The power of the Potaras lasts forever."

"FOREVER?!?" Kaiobit stared at the elder in shock.

And his headache, caused by the force of the arguments inside of his brain over the matter of Gohan, and a few other things, grew steadily worse…


As a Kaiooshin, Kaiobit did more than his share of good deeds. He transported Gokuu and company to Namek; about 20 Earth years later, he retrieved the Choo-Sui water from the Tenkai. But his head still ached, and he was gripped with a paralyzing anxiety at points.

Kibito would not leave the dominant personality [Kaiooshin] alone. He was still worried about Gohan, even though he was now married and had a young teenage daughter, Pan. And Kaiooshin tried to calm him down, but to no avail. This would be one hell of a lot easier if they had been in their respective bodies…

Not to mention the pressure Roo-Dai put him under. The old god said he was a worrywart and he shouldn’t be watching over the Earth so much. But Roo-Dai had lost much of his telepathic abilities in his old age, and therefore was not able to understand the real reason Kaiobit kept his vigil over the Earth:

The arguments, the lover’s spats going on inside of his brain. They wanted to make him lay down and die at points…Kibito had a hard time letting things go, and it was turning Kaiooshin inwardly and Kaiobit outwardly into a nervous wreck.

But that one word still bothered him:

FOREVER. He’d have to put up with this forever….


(Don’t worry, there’s still an epilogue to gooo….)