How to be a kaioushin






            There are two ways a person can keep their body in the Other World.  One is, when a person dies and if they were a great fighter of some kind, then they are allowed to keep their body to train for eternity.  Another way is much more obvious, but most of the time forgotten; if you are born in the Other World.  Well, there is a race that lives in the Other World.  These people are kind hearted and peaceful.  And these people are the only ones that are allowed to become a god.  That is, if they qualify for the job.  Anyone wishing to become a god must go through special training.  Not only should they know how to fight, but also they must have the special abilities such as reading another’s mind or teleporting without feeling for a power level.

            One girl in particular wanted nothing but to become a Kaioushin; the highest ruling god there is.  However, she lacked the proper abilities it takes to become one.  This girl is named Megami, which means “Goddess.”  However, her name is just a coincidence, for she was far from a goddess.  If it weren’t for her determination, she would’ve failed becoming a Kaioushin, until she met someone who wanted to help her. 

            And so the story begins…











            Megami stood in line at the Welcoming center of the Other World.  The book that she had, called “How To Be A Kaioushin In Three Easy Steps,” told her that she first needed basic training in fighting.  The book said to see the Dai Kaio for this step.  For as long as Meg could remember she wanted nothing else but to become a Kaioushin.  People have told her that she didn’t stand a chance, because a Kaioushin must be smart, strong, and cunning.  However, Meg didn’t possess any of these qualities.

            “Miss Megami, King Yemma will see you know,” a blue man with a small horn sitting on top of his head said.  Meg stood up and fixed her pink hair.  She quickly followed the ogre to the room where a giant sat behind a large desk.

            “You are Megami?” The man said.

            “Yes, sir,” Meg answered.

            “What business do you have here?  You are not dead, are you?”

            “No sir.  I wish to become a Kaioushin.  My book said to see the Dai Kaio first, so I need to get to his planet.”

            “A Kaioushin?  Becoming a Kaioushin isn’t just any kind of a job.  You must go through special training and even then you still might not become one,” King Yemma explained as he folded his hands on the desk.

            “I know, sir.  I want to try.” 

            King Yemma was about to tell her to forget the idea because not just anyone wanting can become a Kaioushin.  But then he saw her pleading black eyes that he couldn’t refuse.  “I’ll send you to Dai Kaio’s planet, but don’t expect him to drop his work.  He’s a very busy man.”

            “Oh thank you so much!”  Meg graciously took the ticket and hurried to the airport.  She took a plane to Dai Kaio’s planet where she found fighters from all sections of the universe training.  She walked down a white-bricked path looking for Dai Kaio.  Though Meg had grown up in the Other World, she had never seen any of the Kais or Kaioushins.  As she was about to turn to another direction, she noticed someone sitting on a lawn chair, who seemed to be taking a nap.

            Meg walked over to him and noticed the symbol on his clothing.  He must be Dai Kaio!  Only a Kai wears that symbol, she thought.  “Excuse me,” she said tapping the blue man on the shoulder.  “Sir, excuse me,” she said a little louder.  “Wake up!” She finally shouted. 

            The man jumped up and rolled off the chair falling to the ground.  “What’s going on here!?” He demanded.  He looked up at Meg.  “Didn’t you see I was taking a nap?” He asked.  The man stood up and put his hands behind his back.  He wore a black robe-like thing with the Kai symbol on the front, and small, round sunglasses.

            “I’m sorry, Dai Kaio, sir.  I only wanted training…”

            “Dai Kaio?” The man interrupted.  “My dear girl, I am King Kai.”

            “Oh…I’m so sorry.  I thought you were Dai Kaio.  Would you know where I could find him?”

            King Kai adjusted his glasses.  The girl before him was taller than he, but quite beautiful.  He hair was long and pink, and her eyes black as night.  Her main outfit was green and sleeveless, and she wore white pants and red boots.  “The Dai Kaio can’t be bothered with someone, unless they have important business to discuss.”

            “Well, I do have important business.  I want to be trained to become a Kaioushin,” Meg said.

            “A Kaioushin?  Dai Kaio’s time is limited to important matters, you know.  You don’t seem like the type to become a Kaioushin.  Usually someone is destined to become a Kaioushin at birth.”

            “Well, it’s been my dream to become one.  Maybe you can help me get started before I see the Dai Kaio.”

            “What!?  Me!?” King Kai shouted in shock.

            “Please…” Meg pleaded.  “I’ll work very hard.  I want to be a Kaioushin in the worst way.  Please King Kai, please!  Please help me…”

            “Well…” King Kai started.  Meg had gotten on her knees and folded her hands in front of him.  He couldn’t help but feel sorry for her.  “I guess I can lead you in the right direction…”

            Meg jumped to her feet and threw her arms around King Kai’s neck.  “Oh thank you, thank you!  I promise I’ll be the best student!”

            King Kai brought Meg to a fairly deserted area of the planet.  “First, you need to learn basic fighting skills.  I happen to be the best teacher for this,” King Kai bragged.  “Bubbles!” He shouted.  Meg looked at him with a confused look.  Suddenly a small brown monkey came running from behind a bush. 

            “Oh how cute,” Meg said kneeling down. 

            “Meg, this isn’t the time.  Your first task is to catch Bubbles here.  When you catch him then you’ll move to step two.” 

            “Sounds easy enough,” Meg said.  King Kai gave Bubbles the word to go and he ran off.  Meg ran after him as fast as she could. 

            Later that week, Meg was still chasing after Bubbles.  King Kai was eating dinner when she came to him out of breathe.  “King Kai, I need a break…” she said falling to her knees.

            “A Kaioushin doesn’t take breaks,” King Kai said.  You can have a drink of water, but you have to keep trying.  I’m not usually this strict you know, but your goal is not easy.”

            “ I know,” Meg said as she gulped down three glasses of water.  She put the glass down and turned around to see Bubbles only a few feet away.  Pretending that she wasn’t ready, she quickly lunged at the monkey.  She opened her eyes to see she missed.  Bubbles jumped up and down clapping his hands.  “I’ll get you,” she said between her teeth.

            A year had passed, and though Meg’s strength and speed had grown, she still hadn’t caught Bubbles.  King Kai had moved onto training other people as he waited.  She ran all over the planet, but the monkey was a step ahead of her every time.  “Bubbles c’mon already!” She yelled.  But the monkey knew that he had to keep going. 

            For four more years Megami had chased King Kai’s monkey, but it was no use.  No matter how hard she tried, she just couldn’t do it.  Finally she collapsed to the ground.  Her body was covered in dirt, and her clothes were torn.  She was hungry, thirsty, and embarrassed.  She pulled out her book, “How To Be A Kaioushin In Three Easy Steps.” She opened to the first page and read.

            To become a Kaioushin, you first need to possess three basic things: strength, intelligence, and power.  All Kaioushins need to know how to fight.  If you’re a person who has never had the proper training, you must receive that first before you go any farther into your Kaioushin training.  The best person to train you is Dai Kaio.  He is the universe’s fighting master, and he’ll be able to teach you everything you need…

            Meg shut the book and tossed it to the ground.  After a few minutes she picked the book up and made it disappear.  She looked around for King Kai and found him watching two other fighters sparring. 

            King Kai saw her and turned around.  “Well, Megami, you finally caught Bubbles after all this time.”

            “No,” she said. 

            “You still haven’t caught him!  It’s been five years and you’re still on my first task!?” King Kai was shocked to no end.  “I never had a fighter come to me that couldn’t catch Bubbles.  How do you expect to become a Kaioushin if you can’t even catch a monkey?”

            “I’ll try again, King Kai.  I just need to rest a bit.”

            At this point the other two fighters had stopped their sparring match to hear what was going on. 

            “Meg, I’m sorry, but I can’t keep you as my student.  You’re not eligible to become a Kaioushin.  You should just go home.”

            “No!  I want to be a Kaioushin!  I’m not giving up!  You can’t just dump me here!  Please, let’s just try something else…”

            “What else do you want me to try?  If you can’t catch Bubbles, you can’t continue.  That’s the rules of my game.”

            “That’s not fair!  Please don’t give up on me!” Meg said as tears ran down her dirty cheeks. 

            “I’m sorry Meg,” King Kai said.  He turned to the other fighters.  “Keep going guys.”

            Meg looked up at King Kai’s turned back.  She wiped the tears on her face and slowly walked away.  When she thought she was far enough she sat under a tree and cried to herself.  “I just wanted to be a Kaioushin.  I didn’t know it would be this hard.”

            Bubbles limped to where King Kai stood.  He made some noises and waved his arms.  “I know, Bubbles,” King Kai said.  “She’s a good hearted girl, but she just doesn’t have what it takes to be a Kaioushin.  I wish there was something for me to do.”  Bubbles jumped up and down and made some more noises.  “Yes that’s a possibility…if anyone could teach her, he could.”

            Meg saw a shadow in front of her.  She looked up to see King Kai starring down at her.  “Meg,” he said, “we’re going to try something else.”  He put his hand on her shoulder and they disappeared.

            Meg looked at her new surroundings.  She knew by the way everything was that they weren’t on Dai Kaio’s planet anymore.  “King Kai, where are we?” She asked, but King Kai was already a few feet ahead of her.  She jogged up to him and asked the question again, but he didn’t answer. 

            “Hey you!” A voice yelled.  An elderly man with purple skin and a little white hair on his head came walking up to King Kai and Meg.  “You have no business being here,” he snapped.

            “I’m sorry that I’ve come without being summoned, but this was the only thing I could think of,” King Kai tried to explain.

            “Who are you?  And your darn right you shouldn’t be here without being summoned, so leave.”  The old man snapped again.

            “Rou Kaioushin, what’s the trouble?” Came another voice.  Meg looked over to see a tall, purplish skinned man walking towards them.  His hair was long, white and brushed back.  He wore a long, red vest with pointed shoulders, a bluish-gray shirt and pants, yellow boots, and an orange sash tied around his waist that hung down in front and in back.

            “Kaiobit,” King Kai said and bowed.  He pushed Meg so she would bow too. 

            “King Kai, what brings you here?” Kaiobit asked.

            “Please forgive my rudeness on intruding like this uninvited, but this girl is basically driving me crazy.”

            “Why?” Kaiobit asked.

            “She wants be become a Kaioushin, and asked me to get her started on training, but she can’t do it.  She’s been trying to catch my pet monkey for five years, but she never succeeded.  I can’t train someone like this.  I’m begging you to train her or something, and get her to understand that she’s not worthy enough to be a Kaioushin,” King Kai said.  He felt bad about telling them about how much of a failure Meg was, but he just couldn’t take her anymore.  Bubbles was tired of running, and he was tired of watching her run around.

            “Ha!  She can’t stay!” The older man asked.

            “Don’t be so hasty, Rou Kaio,” Kaiobit said.  “I’ll take her and see what I can do.” He smiled at Meg.

            “Thank you so much, Kaiobit,” King Kai said.  He quickly disappeared and Meg was left alone with these two strangers.

            “Why did you let him do that?” The older man demanded.

            “What’s so wrong with it?” Kaiobit asked.

            “You’re such a knuckle head!”

            Kaiobit ignored Rou Kaioushin and turned his attention to the dirty girl in front of him.  “What is your name?”

            “Megami, but everyone calls me Meg.  Are you really a Kaioushin?” She asked.

            “Yes, I am.  We’ll talk later.  You look tired and hungry,” the Kaioushin pointed out.
            “I am, and I’m in desperate need of a shower,” Meg said.

            “Alright,” Kaiobit laughed.  “I’ll show you where you can get cleaned up.”  He led the way and Meg followed him.  

            “This is ludicrous Kaiobit!” Rou Kaioushin yelled.

            After Meg got out of the shower, she put on clean clothes like the ones she was wearing before.  She stepped out of the bathroom and looked around.  “Kaiobit?” She called out. 

            “You’re finished,” Kaiobit said coming up behind her.  Meg quickly turned around.  Kaiobit’s eyes widened without him knowing it.  He did everything he could to keep his mouth from hanging open.  Meg looked nothing like she did when he first saw her.  Her pink hair was almost sparkling in the light, and her face was clean of all the dirt.  Kaiobit snapped out of his trance and told her to follow him.  He led her down to a dinning room.  A large table with food on it sat in the middle of the room.  Meg couldn’t help but walk ahead of her host and figuratively drool over all the good-looking food in front of her.  “Dig in,” Kaiobit laughed.

            “Oh thank you!” Meg sat down and started eating.  “Aren’t you going to have some?”

            “I’m not hungry,” Kaiobit said.  “When your finished, go out that door, take a right and go to the door down the hall.  I’ll be outside, okay?”

Meg nodded and watched Kaiobit leave.  He’s cute, she thought.  When she was finished eating she figured that she should just leave the dishes and everything else where they were.  She stood up to leave, but then couldn’t remember where Kaiobit told her to go.  “I go out his door…and take a left.  Or was it a right?  Oh no…” Going with her gut instinct, she took a left and walked down the hall.  However, there were no doors at the end like he told her.  She looked around, and saw another hallway with doors on the end so she went down there.  She opened the doors only to find a huge library.  “This isn’t right,” she said.  She closed the doors and turned around to find someone starring at her.

            “Wrong place,” Rou Kaioushin said.

            “I know.  Where is Kaiobit?” Meg asked feeling a little uneasy at the way Rou Kaioushin looked at her.

            “You’re going to let that air headed boy train you?” He asked.


            “Let me train you,” the old man said.

            “That’s okay Rou Kaioushin, I’ll take care of her,” Kaiobit said.  “Follow me Meg.”

            Meg quickly caught up to Kaiobit and followed him.  They walked side by side down the hallway to the front doors.  “So when did you become a Kaioushin?” Meg asked.

            “About 12,000 years ago.  Give or take a few hundred,” Kaiobit said.

            “Whoa…That’s a long time to be a Kaioushin.  Where are the other Kaioushins?”

            “They’re all dead.  See, a very long time ago an evil being named Majin Buu came to Kaioushin-kai here and destroyed them all.  I was the only survivor.”

            “What about the old guy?”

            “Oh, Rou Kaioushin was a Kaioushin fifteen generations before me.  He was imprisoned in the Zet sword and was released when the sword broke.  Long story.”

            “I’ve heard that there are Kaioushins just like the Kais.  I mean the North and South thing.  Which one are you?”

            “East Kaioushin.  Actually, I haven’t always been like this.  I was much shorter and my hair was a lot different than this.”

            “What happened?”

            “Rou Kaioushin told me to demonstrate fusion with Patora earrings.  I fused with my bodyguard, who was also my friend, Kibito.   Rou Kaioushin never told me that the fusion was permanent.  I used to be called Kaioushin, but since the fusion I’ve combined my name and Kibito’s name coming up with Kaiobit.”

            “That’s a cool story,” Meg said. 

            “So tell me about yourself now that we’ve talked about me,” Kaiobit said as he opened the doors to the outside.

            “Well, there’s nothing really to tell.  For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to become a Kaioushin.  I got this book telling me how to do so in three easy steps.  The first step was to see Dai Kaio, but it just didn’t work out.  Now I’m here,” she finished with a smile.

            They walked a little further away from the mansion, and then Kaiobit stopped.  “Okay, so what do you know how to do?” He asked.


            “Do you know how to fight?”

            “Well, no…not really,” she said looking down.

            “Hmm,” Kaiobit said to himself.  “Okay, so let’s start there.  Umm…try to hit me as hard as you can.”

            “Okay…” Meg ran at him and swung a fist, but missed by a mile.

            “Okay, if you miss with that hand, immediately swing with the other.  Now try that.”  Meg swung a fist and quickly swung the other one.  Kaiobit told her to keep trying to hit him.  She continued to swing her fists at him, but it was working like they both hoped.  Finally, instead of trying to aim for his head, Meg sent a fist into his stomach.  Kaiobit wasn’t expecting that at all and tried not to show pain. 

            “I’m so sorry!  I thought you said to hit you,” Meg apologized.

            “No, you were right,” he said in a higher voice than usual. Kaiobit stood back up.  “Okay, let’s try it again.” Meg continued to try to hit him, but he kept blocking it all.  She’s just not fast enough, Kaiobit thought.  No wonder why King Kai gave up.  But I can’t do that to her. 

            A month had passed and Meg had finally started to get better at punching Kaiobit.  He decided to take a break with the physical stuff, and go to something that he thought would be easier.

            “Okay, now Meg I’m going to teach you how to feel for a ki, otherwise known as a power level.”


            “Now to do this, you need to clear your mind of all thoughts.  Concentrate as hard as you can.  Try to get a feel of my power.” 

Meg closed her eyes and tried to concentrate.  She closed them even tighter.  “I can’t,” she said.

            “Yes you can.  You can do anything you want to if you put your heart and mind to it.  Just concentrate.”

            By the time night came, Meg had felt a tiny bit of Kaiobit’s power level.  “I think I’ve got it!” She yelled.  “Wait…where’d it go?  Oh, Kaiobit, I lost it again.”

            Kaiobit sighed.  “It’s okay.  Try again.” He sat on the grass and crossed his legs. 

            It was almost dawn.  Meg had finally learned how to find a power level.  She figured out how to sense one that was nearby and one that was farther away.  “I think we should take a break now,” Kaiobit said.

            “But Kaioushins don’t take breaks,” Meg stated.

            “Who told you that?”

            “King Kai did.”

            Kaiobit laughed to himself.  “Well, this Kaioushin does.”  He closed his eyes and leaned back so that he was now lying on the ground. 

            Kaiobit woke up to find that he was still in the same spot he was before.  He sat up and noticed Meg was lying not to far from him.  She was still fast asleep.  Neither of them had barely any rest since the training began.  He bent down and picked her up in his arms, and teleported to a bedroom in the mansion.  He placed her on the bed and covered her with a blanket.  Kaiobit noticed how peaceful she looked when she slept.  He smiled as she slept before him.  He was starting to get so frustrated with her because she just wasn’t picking up the things he was trying to teach her.  But he knew that she was trying her best.  I’ll just have to be more patient with her.

            Kaiobit left the room only to be confronted by Rou Kaioushin.  “I take it the training is going well,” he asked.

            “It’s okay for now,” Kaiobit said.  “I’m surprised that you haven’t said anything about her staying here like this.”

            “I’ll welcome any girl like that,” he said.

            “So that’s why.”

            “Of course.  She’s not worth training.  Personally I think you’re wasting your time.  She’d be a worse Kaioushin than you are.” And with that Rou Kaioushin walked away.

            The next day, Meg started her training once again.  She was outside practicing some fighting moves before Kaiobit came out.  When he did, he was surprised to see her training herself. 

            “Well, you’re up and ready to go I see,” he said with a smile.

            “What are we doing next?”

            “Well, now that you know how to find a ki, that’s one thing checked off on the list.  Let’s try teleporting.”

            “Okay,” Meg said listening closely to what she was being told.

            “Okay, now most mortals need to feel for a ki in order to teleport.  But, I’m going to show you the other way.  All you have to do is think of a planet you want to go to and you’ll go there.”

            “So just think of myself going somewhere?”

            “Basically.  Think of a place, and get your mind to bring you there.  It’s not that hard.  Just don’t rely on a power level.”

            “Okay.” Meg concentrated really hard.  “Kaiobit…where should I go?”

            “Wherever you want.”

            “Okay.” Meg picked an area of the universe and tried to think of a planet.  However, she couldn’t help but pick up an extremely large power level.  She imagined herself to be where the power level was.

            Kaiobit read her thoughts and was just about to remind her not to use a power level to teleport, but it was too late.  Meg had disappeared.

            Meg found herself in a small room with steam coming from what seemed to be a shower.  “Hello?” She said.

            “I thought I told you never to bother me when I’m in the shower!” A voice yelled.

            “Umm…whom am I talking to?” Meg asked.

            “What the?” Vegeta opened the shower door and looked out.  “Who the heck are you!?” He yelled.  He grabbed a towel and tied it around his waste.

            “I’m Megami.  Kaiobit was training me to become a Kaioushin and I accidentally teleported here.

            “Oh he is, is he?  Well you bring me back with you this instant!” 

            “Okay, but hold on.  It might take a few minutes…”

            “Hurry it up!” Vegeta yelled.

            Meg found Kaiobit’s ki and the two teleported there.  Kaiobit was shocked to see Vegeta come back with Meg, especially wearing nothing but a towel.

            “Oh, Vegeta,” Kaiobit started.

            “Don’t oh Vegeta me!” He threw a blast at Kaiobit’s face that disintegrated just before it hit.  “Keep your blasted woman out of my bathroom!!  Now take me back this instant!”

            Kaiobit did so and quickly returned.  “Geesh,” he said.  He sighed as he put his hands on top of his head and looked at the ground.  Meg felt really bad that her mistake got Kaiobit in trouble.  She fell to her knees and stared at the ground, a tear rolling down her face. 

            “I’m such a failure,” she muttered to herself.

            Kaiobit looked at her.  “What makes you think that?”

            “I can’t do anything right.  I couldn’t catch a stupid monkey, I can’t fight, and I can’t even teleport like you told me to.  I might as well give up and go home…” She tried to hold back the tears, but it didn’t work.

            “Don’t say that,” Kaiobit almost snapped. 

            “Why not?  Admit it, Kaiobit.  I’m a failure.  There’s no hope for me.”

            Kaiobit kneeled down in front of her and put his hands on her shoulders.  “Look at me.  You’re not a failure.  If you think you are, then you will be.  You have the ability; you just need to awaken it.  I’m not giving up on you, and I don’t want you to give up on yourself.”

            “King Kai was right; I can’t do it!  He gave up on me…so why haven’t you?”

            “Because I care for you…very much,” Kaiobit said softly.

            Megami looked up.  She couldn’t believe what she heard.  “Is that true?”  Kaiobit nodded and wiped one of her tears with his thumb.  Meg wrapped her arms around his neck and hugged him tightly.  Kaiobit held her close.  “I thought I was being so foolish,” she said.  “I tried not to like you because you’re a Kaioushin…”

            “I felt the same way…but I when I found out you liked me…I couldn’t help it.”  He stroked her hair.  “We’ll get you to become a Kaioushin.  No matter how long it takes, you’ll get it.  So what do you say we continue with the training?”

            Meg pulled away and looked at him with a smile.  “Okay.”  Before she stood up, Meg leaned back over and gave Kaiobit a small kiss on his cheek.  Then she jumped up and waited.  Kaiobit smiled and stood up with her.

            For the next three months, Kaiobit working endlessly with Meg to help her achieve her goal.  Though she still couldn’t teleport without feeling for a ki, she was progressing more and more.  She was finally able to fight well enough to knock Kaiobit to the ground, and Kaiobit taught her how to fly when he found out that she couldn’t.  Through it all, they grew closer together.

            “Okay, Meg.  One of your final training procedures,” Kaiobit said.  “Instead of Bubbles, you’ll have to catch me.  If you can find me and catch me, then we’ll give you the final test to becoming a Kaioushin.  Ready?”

            “Ready,” Meg replied confidently.

            “Alright, go!” Kaiobit disappeared, leaving Meg alone.  She looked around, but didn’t see him.  I’ll find you, Kaiobit, she thought.  Meg looked around again to make sure he wasn’t trying to fool her.  She concentrated hard to find his ki.  It only took a minute to find it.  “So you’re on the other side of the planet…” Instantly Meg locked onto his ki and teleported there.  She looked around again and felt Kaiobit’s ki getting stronger.  She glanced over her shoulder to see a tree.  She smiled, stood under it and looked up. 

            Kaiobit looked down at her from the top of the tree.  Meg laughed.  “Surely you could’ve found a better hiding place than that?” She said.  Kaiobit smiled and disappeared from the tree.  At the last second, Meg saw him running over a hill.  Her legs carried her as fast as they could.  She started to catch up with him, but was still too far away to jump onto him.  After a few minutes of nothing but chasing Kaiobit, Meg got an idea.  She stopped and teleported to a new location.

            Kaiobit continued to run.  He looked over his shoulder to see if Meg had gotten any closer, but to his surprise, she wasn’t there.  He slowed down and kept looking in back of him thinking that she’d appear.  Suddenly he felt a ki close to him.  He turned his head back and saw Meg jumping towards him.  She grabbed his vest tightly, but she jumped on him so hard they both went crashing to the ground.  Kaiobit opened his eyes to see Meg sitting on top of him.  “You did it,” he said.

            “I did, didn’t I?” Meg was so proud of herself; and Kaiobit was too.  Meg was so happy she leaned down and kissed Kaiobit.  Though he was surprised on what she was doing, he couldn’t help but kiss her back.  He wrapped his arms around her and they continued to kiss.

            When they both stopped to catch their breath when Kaiobit noticed their surroundings were much different.  He looked up at the sky.  It was dark with stars everywhere, and a moon shining brightly.  “Earth?” Kaiobit said.

            “Oh my gosh…” Meg said.  “Kaiobit, I did it!  I teleported without using a ki!”

            “You did this?”

            “I was thinking of kissing you under the stars…and I was actually imagining that it was happening!”  She jumped up and looked down at Kaiobit who was still on the ground.  “Get up silly,” she said giving him a hand.  Kaiobit stood up next to her and put his arm around her shoulders.  She leaned up against him and they both looked at the shimmering stars above.

            When Kaiobit and Meg returned to Kaioushinkai, Rou Kaioushin was sitting on a stonewall.  “So where have you two been?” He asked.

            “Earth,” Kaiobit answered.  “Meg has learned everything she needs to know.”

            “Oh, so she needs to take the final test.” Rou Kaioushin hopped off the wall.

            “I guess so,” Kaiobit said.  He watched Rou Kaio hold out his hand and a crystal ball appearing.

            “Meg, if you can make an image appear on this crystal ball, then you can become a Kaioushin,” the old man said.

            Meg looked at Kaiobit who nodded.  “Just as I told you,” Kaiobit said.  Meg nodded and looked at the crystal ball.  She held her hand over it and concentrated hard.  At first nothing happened, and she thought that it was no use.  But then she remembered what Kaiobit told her: “If you think you’re a failure, then you will be.”  Meg relaxed and focused.  Then the ball’s color changed.  An image of the spot where she and Kaiobit just were came into view.  Meg opened her eyes and couldn’t believe that she did it on the first try.

            “You did it,” Kaiobit said.  He picked her up by the waist and swung her around.  “You can finally become a Kaioushin.”

            “Yes,” Meg said happily.  “Thanks to you.” When he put her down, she put her arms around him.  Just as they were about to kiss, Rou Kaioushin cleared his throat.

            “If you want to become a Kaioushin now, you just have to touch the crystal ball.  It’ll give you the full power of a Kaioushin.  But,” he said, “once you become a Kaioushin, you’re forbidden to have any kind of emotional tie with Kaiobit.  If you do, then you’ll be banished from here and you can never return.”

            Meg looked up at Kaiobit.  His eyes were soft and loving, yet scared.  “Go on,” he said.  Meg could sense the disappointment in his voice, but he tried not to show it.  They shared one quick last kiss.  Then Meg slowly backed away and turned to the glowing crystal ball.  She looked at it, but not the way she thought she would.  Her hand approached the glowing ball, and as she was about to touch it, she looked back to Kaiobit.  His eyes were locked on her.  Then Meg reflected back on the past couple of months.  She had a lot of fun with Kaiobit, and she loved him a lot. 

            Meg’s eyes focused on the crystal ball again.  She slowly pulled her hand away and let it fall to her side.  Rou Kaioushin looked at her with a confused look.

            “Meg, what are you doing?” Kaiobit asked.

            Meg turned around and took a few steps toward him.  “I’ve reached the goal that I’ve always wanted.”

            “So why did you stop?”

            “I’m not stopping.  I realize now that becoming a Kaioushin will destroy my dream.”

            “I don’t understand…” Kaiobit said.

            Meg picked up his hands in hers.  “Kaiobit, you’re my dream.  I don’t want to lose you.  I thought that becoming a Kaioushin would make me happy.  But if it keeps me away from you, then I won’t be.  I just want to be with you; that’s all.”

            “Meg…” The two embraced each other in a hug as if to never let go. 

            “Hey people, so what’s going on here?” Rou Kaioushin asked in a demanding voice.  When they didn’t answer, the crystal ball disappeared and he threw his arms up.  “This is unbelievable.  She’d rather spend her life with him than being the highest of gods.  What’s with this generation?”

            Meg giggled and looked up at her Kaiobit.  “Are you okay with my decision?”

            “I’m very happy with your decision.” He leaned down and kissed her gently, but Meg deepened the kiss and almost knocked the god off his feet.












            Megami now lives on Kaioushinkai with Kaiobit and helps around when she can. She doesn’t mind at all now that she’s not actually a Kaioushin, though she’s eligible.  After realizing that she loved Kaiobit, her dream of becoming a Kaioushin switched to loving one.  If it weren’t for Kaiobit, she never would’ve reached the goal she wanted so badly.  Then again, if it weren’t for Kaiobit, she wouldn’t be as happy as she is now.





~The End~



~For Ayame; August 17, 2001~