**Characters by Lady Rivka**

Name: Ten'ue Hoshiko
Name Meaning (If applicable): Japanese for "star child over heaven" (Ten=heaven Ue=over, on top of, Hoshi=star Ko=Child)
Nickname (AKA): Lady Hoshiko, Hoshiko-sensee, (very occasionally) Hoshi-chan
Creator: Lady Rivka
Race: Kai (Kaiooshin-kai-jin, Ten'ue clan)
Physical Description:
Hoshiko is @ 5'6" with black eyes, long, wavy black hair, and purple skin (like Kaiooshin, who she's distantly related to). Not very *developed*. Usually wears formal female mage attire: yellow doublet with puffy purple sleeves, purple skirt, and red bloomers.
Personality: Hoshiko is one of the more powerful Lead Mages of Kaiooshin-kai, but her temper tends to get to her. She tends not to trust people, men in particular, and her nose is usually buried in a spell-book. Highly critical of others and of self. Rather traditionalist, homphobic attitude and rigid personality. She can be a caring person under pressure, but tends not to be. (Ayame-speak: One of my fave Kaioshin fan-fic chars eva'. Gotta repsect a girl who knows more about magic than men ^.^ Her only downfall....what's wrong with turning grass into chocolate!? That's what I would do all day if I were god of the universe ^_-)
Formed as an eight-year-old girl by her dying father, Hoshiko grows up to be the Lead Eastern Mage and the young Kaiooshin's teacher. By her father's magic, Hoshiko is perpetually eighteen years old once she reaches maturity. After a valiant attempt to overcome Bibidi and Buu, she is killed, and donates the rest of her energy to Kaiooshin so he can defeat the wizard.

Name:Hakuchoo (Hakuchou for you traditionalist Romaji people) Shirotori.
Name Meaning (If applicable): Japanese for "Swan, white bird". (Hakuchoo=swan Shiro(i)=white Tori=bird)
Nickname (AKA): Lord Shirotori, Shirotori-san.
Creator: Lady Rivka
Race: Kai (Kaiooshin-kai-jin, Hakuchoo clan)
Physical Description:
@ 5'10", deep black eyes, flesh-toned skin, long, flowing red hair, the top half of which is usually worn up in a braid to keep it out of his face. Cut, somehwat rugged, but not overly muscular either. Usually wears male mage attire- a red jacket with purple and silver trim, blue pants, red boots, and small gold earrings.(Ayame-speak: *drool* ^.^ It's not often I fall smitten with pictures I draw myself, but hot damn! As Rivka-san put it: "He looks like Magus (from Chrono) but in a very good way." *L* Okay that's my two cents ^_-)
Personality:Shirotori is mysterious and strong, but also kind. Unlike his Eastern counterpart, the Southern Lead Mage has a great amount of empathy and can make decisions based on the results to others.
The Southern Lead Mage, Shirotori helps Hoshiko with the prophecies she's been recieving about Bibidi and Buu. He is the only person she eventually trusts, and is very close to befriending her. He dies trying to block the door of South Kaiooshin's palace from Bibidi's magic. (Both charas from Kaiooshin-kai: A History)

Name Meaning (If applicable): "blue" in Japanese
Nickname (AKA): Ao-chan
Creator: Lady Rivka
Race: Halfling (Kaiooshin and Kibito's daughter)
Physical Description:
Aoi is 6' tall, somewhat thin, has purple skin, black eyes, and poker-straight, thin white hair that's parted in the middle and goes down to her chin (which she usually puts two black barrettes in). She usually wears the garb of a Kaiooshin (pink undershirt, navy jacket/dress with yellow trim tied with a pink sash, pink pants and yellow boots) along with navy clip-on button earrings, but she has been known to wear Earth garb...the dark-colored, conservative variety, that is
Personality: Very intelligent,fairly serious with a very quick temper, like Kibito-san. However, she does have somewhat of a dry, cynical, sarcastic sense of humor that offsets her serious, bookish qualities. Tends to be shy (and can get embarassed easily) when she's not angry, with her face in a book, except with Marron (Kuririn and #18's daughter, her only friend), from whom she has learned to enjoy female bonding and shopping for clothes
Aoi is the daughter of Higashi-no Kaiooshin and Kibito, formed through a Kaiooshin love-bond (hehe, no sex! no bad impreg fics!). She has been on Kaiooshin-kai all of her 15 years, and has been training for the historically female position of West Kaiooshin since she was 5. On a trip to Earth in her early teens, she met the Kuri's and instantly befriended Marron, seeing how her family was "different" as well (b/c of Juuhachi-goo). She now considers Marron her best friend and Kuririn and #18 her second set of parents, although she has to evade questions about her origins from any mortal because of the grave risks it would put her fathers in