**Characters by Lady Iapetus**


Name Meaning (If applicable):"Little Wing" in Japanese
Nickname (AKA):Kohane-chan
Creator:Lady Iapetus
Race: Kai/(whatever Kibito is) (member of the Ten'ue clan/Namae-nai, if LadyRivka will let me use her names)
Physical Description:
Around 5'2 or 3" in height, with almond-shaped black eyes. Her skin is a pale shade of lavender and her hair is white, hanging straight to her waist with sections of it at the side braided and tied at the back of her head. She normally wears a pink doublet with gold trim and long white sleeves that puffed a little at the shoulders, an overlaying gold sash, a pair of white pants and pale yellow boots, but has been known to dress in Terran and Juraian garb when the need arises. .
Calm, patient and peaceful, although sometimes still at odds with her halfing heritage. She has a tendency to believe others' perceptions of her no matter how hard she tries not to. Kohane is also an avid bookworm, and will read any book she can get her hands on..
Kohane is a halfing, the daughter of a Kai from the same clan as Higashi no Kaioshin and someone from the same race or clan as Kibito. Because of her heritage she was looked down upon and it was believed that she would amount to nothing, despite the talent she showed at magic and kinetic abilities. She was tutored in her abilities by the current East Kaioshin of the time and became friends with his student, Shin. Her studies finished when Shin begame the new East Kaioshin. After staying on Kaioshin-Kai for a while afterwards, Kohane was sent to the Masaki shrine on Earth to protect and teach Princess Sasami of Jurai, who had been assimilated with Tsunami no Megami, or the Goddess Tsunami..