**Characters by Ayame**

Name Meaning (If applicable):Japanese for Goddess
Nickname (AKA):Just Meg
Physical Description:
Meduim-Tall in height, black eyes, and with an annoying over abundance of curly pink hair (which she despises). Usually dons the normal attire of a Kai, complete with faux Potara earrings to satisfy her dream of one day becoming a Kaioshin; and hoping others will fall for her false persona. Quite beautiful, but canít see it in herself.
Quirky and eccentric. Her heart is usually in the right place, but her lack of confidence usually leads her to embarrassing situations. She desperately wants to be a Kaioshin and gets frustrated when others donít believe she possesses the ability to make her dream come true.
Meg left her Kai homeland in order to pursue her dream of becoming a Kaioshin. She had nothing on her side accept luck and her 3 Step How to Become a Kaioshin manual. After stumbling across King Kai on the Grand Kaiís planet, she begged him to train her and failed miserably after 5 unsuccessful years of trying to catch Bubbles. With nothing else to lose, King Kai dropped the failure off at Kaioshin-kai where Meg found herself alone with a crazy old coot of a Kaioshin, and the current reigning god, Kaiobit, who was the only one to show her any respect and consideration since she began her journey. Kaiobit sympathized with Meg and agreed to help her attain her goal of being a Kaioshin, since he himself was one. Despite his efforts, Meg proved herself less and less capable of ever making her dream come true. When finally she was about to give up, Kaiobit told her that he would never give up on her so, in turn, she should never give up on herself. With that in mind, Meg finally accomplished her goal of becoming a KaioshinÖ.but only one small problem: she fell in love with Kaiobit; and the rules clearly state that two Kaioshins can never be emotionally entangled.