Kaiooshin-Kai: A History



(a.k.a. the chappie you’ve all been waiting for….)

A DBZ fanfiction by LadyRivka

A/N: Some of this stuff will go over the heads of younger readers. Don’t say you weren’t warned. Also, I would like to dedicate this chappie to the late Tezuka Osamu, the father of modern manga, and to the physicists of the 20th and 21st centuries, for pressing on to get the Universe to reveal her little secrets. –L.R.


He was a witness to all.

While Kibito periodically nagged Kaiooshin about such things as Gohan, and even if he had had a crush on Hoshiko-sensee all those years ago, Kaiobit sat around on Kaiooshin-kai watching civilizations rise and fall, stars and planets being born and dying. He was especially sad to see Earth and its solar system go when its sun first turned into a red giant, and then spun off quite a bit of matter to become a white dwarf. Scorched planets, now lifeless, now frozen icicles (because of the shrunken sun) drifting in the vastness of space, waiting to get bombarded by space debris.

In the end, it was all useless. Five billion Earth-years of watching over the Universe through the crystal orbs on Kaiooshin-kai, and they were all futile. Kaiobit sighed. If planets and stars had a beginning and an end, and races, and civilizations, did the Universe? It would only make sense…

And that’s when Kibito ceased his nagging. He knew he had a limited amount of time to make things up to Kaiooshin and prevent their fused form from becoming a nervous wreck.

But, Kaiobit was now subjected to an even worse form of nagging. From a female voice that wasn’t familiar to him, but he recognized just the same.

The Universe Herself.

Listen, wise Kaiooshin, She thought unto him, I am no longer the young thing I used to be. I am no longer the Great Mother of All that even the Gods of Gods recognize as superior to themselves. It is time, my son. It is time.

Kaiobit panicked and his whole body began to ache. Kaiooshin-kai rumbled below him, and Roo-Dai, who was looking at some very, very old copies of Sukebe, began to fade from sight like a bad television picture.

Then, he felt a force levitate his body above the planet. He watched the fourteen suns dim and die above him. Then, a force so strong it was ripping his fused body in two.

"Kai-Kaiooshin-sama?" said a surprised Kibito. "It has been a terribly long time since we have been two people."

"Yes," Kaiooshin whispered. "I was worried for all those years because I did not understand what "forever" meant."

"Worried, sir?"

"Yes, quite. You were in my- no, Kaiobit’s- head nagging about Gohan-san and Hoshiko-sensee, both long-dead. I did not want to believe you could hold a grudge that long."

"Listen, sir. For that I am terribly sorry. It was very foolish of me to do so, but I believed it was for the best. Turns out I was wrong."

"Yes, you were, and I’m terribly glad you admit you were." The god smiled. "You see, sharing a body has taught me a great many things over the years. For one, fused persons do not really share a soul. Their souls are in a symbiotic relationship, helping to form the mind and personality of the fusion. But they do not truly comprehend each other, Kibito-san. I never did you, nor you me, I suppose."

"Hai." With that Kibito grinned. "Would you like to?"

"What do you mean?"

Kibito’s answer came not verbally, or mentally, but in the form of a long, slow, passionate kiss. Kaiooshin could not help but deepen it as old wounds were healed, old bonds deepened between the two. All of a sudden, Kibito pulled back.

"Why did you do that? Are you hesitant again, love? My heart was always yours…I may have been naïve all those years ago on Planet Earth, but my heart has belonged to you ever since Majin Buu ravished our planet and left the two of us alone. Never forget that."

"I will not. But why I stopped…it is not because I have second thoughts, not at all. My time in the Universe is up, She told me Herself. I am not a Kaiooshin, so I must go back to my place among the rest of the matter in the Universe. I was lucky She gave us another chance before it all ended…"

And the last Kaiooshin saw of Kibito was his smiling face before he disintegrated and went into the developing singularity.

As the singularity grew larger and had developed into a black hole, Kaiooshin saw the remnants of everything except for him swirl its way into its voracious mouth. Oddly, he stayed where he was.

We want you to come back to us, came the voice of the Universe along with a couple others. We need you. We need to be Five, and not Four. Give up the matter of your body and return to us.

If it needs to be done, he thought…

Kaiooshin felt a force, stronger still than the one that had separated him and Kibito, separate his soul from his body. The now-disintegrated body traveled into the black hole, and his soul followed.

A few milliseconds later, the Universe had closed in on Herself, and all was nothingness.


Time, reset to zero. Matter, reset to zero. Cosmic Consciousness had reset herself to Zero.

The new Universe pressed outwards, making a name for Herself. She was still in infancy, but she did not care.

Subatomic particles jettisoned off into space, and after them came the five Kaiooshin-Spirits, who, when their work was completed, would establish a planetary home, Kaiooshin-kai, and also be born into material bodies among the inhabitants of this planet.

The Universe, the wise young Child, was starting over, in all probability making the same mistakes as Her Mother had.

For once the phoenix rises from the ashes, it loses all memory of itself.







A/N: You like? The Kaiooshin-Spirits are why the Kaiooshins have their distinct energy-signatures (q.v. Wands 2).

This was kind of a Shintoo-deist cosmology, with, of course, some actual physics thrown in.