** Part Two **
Shin and Deborah had become much closer and were both living at Capsule Corp for
a short while.
One morning, Deborah was training with Vegeta in the gravity room, when a sudden
pain from the M on her forehead came. Vegeta, knowing this pain, turned off the
gravity, and asked, " Did you hear a voice, Deborah? "
" Y-y- " she couldn't start the first word because the M started glowing red,
and was burning like acid.
     Then the voice said, " KILL THE KAI! Kill the Kai! Kill him or suffer the
consequences ! "
     That time, Vegeta heard, and he said, " Babidi, from HFIL, no doubt. You
can take the rest of today off from training, Deborah. "
After a few days, the pain returned, with worse effects than before. Deborah
couldn't move without pain inflicting her, and it became worse by the day. Then,
one day, she couldn't get up or anything. All of this was Babidi's doing, to try
to get her to kill Shin. Shin offered to let her kill him, but Deborah still
    Day after day, Deborah suffered, until one day when she heard another voice
in her head. " Deborah..are you there? My master has caused you much pain..my
daughter, I am trying to stop him..but he is relentless.. my child..."
And then, the next day the pain stopped.
Deborah spent the next several days with Shin,
and they had gotten closer than ever before.
Then, one night, Vegeta had persuaded Shin and Deborah to see who could outdrink
the other. Goku and Vegeta and Yamcha were watching them chug as many beer as
Vegeta said, " Shit! Deborah can really chug 'em down. "
Yamcha replied, " No, Shin is better! He can drink more! "
Yamcha was thinking of a trick. " Hey, Vegeta, lets lock Shin and Deborah in the
same room and see the results. If you know what I mean. "
Vegeta said, " Of course I know what you mean. "
And they did.
And two days later, Deborah was pregnant.
Shin knew this would not be pretty, someone, somewhere, would object to it.
Vegeta and Yamcha laughed their heads off, knowing that Deborah's father would
NOT be pleased at this. Debura would find some way back, and he'd probably blame
But Shin and Deborah were worried about the child.1/4 demon, 1/4 human, and 1/2
** End of Part Two **