** Part One **


Deborah was sitting in the waiting room, and took a look around. She saw only a few people, and Goku was one of them. Since Hercule was outside fighting some nameless fighter, ( I apologize for the weak pun ) she walked over to Goku and said, " Your name is Goku, is it not? "

    Goku replied, " Yes, and who are you? "

Deborah replied, " My name is Deborah and I've come from the future to warn you of an evil being called Majin Buu.. "

Her reply to Goku was cut short by Shin. " You come to warn them of Majin Buu? That's the same thing I came for. But..have I seen you before? "

    Deborah said, " No. You know my father though, Debura. I have come to also prevent him from dying. "



When they reached the area where Yanu and Spopovich had gone, Shin had to almost ki blast Deborah to keep her from going down and fighting them..


** etc etc, then Majin Buu is released **


Buu was about to eat Debura, when Deborah flew down, and kicked Majin Buu out of the way. Debura was like " who the hell are you? "

" I am your daughter. "

"Prove it. "

Deborah sighs and takes out an apple. She tosses it into the air, spits on it, and it comes down..stone.

Debura seemed convinced, and said, " That would explain why you did that.. "


Shin was lying on the ground nearby,beaten up, and Deborah went over to him, on bended knee, kissed him on his cheek, and Shin sprang up quickly.


Deborah had fallen for this god, this ages old god, and apparently Shin didn't mind.


After fighting with Majin Buu for quite some time, Deborah began to weaken. Her hits caused no damage, and the only thing she could think to do would be to spit on Buu. She pounded him into the ground, but then thought " This creature is only causing pain because of Babidi's threat to put him back in the egg. I'll kill Babidi and then tell Buu he's free. "


And kill Babidi she did. Buu was rejoiceful upon being free, but then he was told he would have to be a peaceful creature, and not cause any mayhem. He seemed to agree with this, and with that Buu flew to the tournament, leaving Piccolo, Trunks, Goten, Vegeta, Shin and Deborah standing alone.


Piccolo and the others flew off, leaving Deborah and Shin alone.


" Why did you save me? " asked Shin.

" Because you are a god and I respect you, and.. " replied Deborah, with a deep blush.



** end of Part One, Part one to be continued **